Watch out for ICE!

It is starting to get cold here in TO. I went outside this morning to work and went FLYING on the ice. Landed right on my back and cracked my left (previously injured) leg off the damn pavement. I think I am ok, my knee is a little sore but it PISSED me off to think that over six months of hard training could be ruined by one slip on ice.

Be careful out walking and pay attention to ice. I am still pissed off I could have easily hurt myself badly.


Winter is no time to think about looking good. Just slip on those spikethingies old people wear.

By the way, when I slip I always land on my feet. Just like a cat.
Shows what kind of an athlete I am I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear that Chris30, I’m in TO also and I do not want to start shovelling the dman drive way again :mad:

Anyway, maybe you should invest into buy some salt. I’m sure your back would appreciate that.

It was in front of my neighbours house unfortunately not my own :slight_smile:

It was the first real icy morning we have had in our neighbourhood and I was still half asleep and not paying attention.

Everything seems ok though. Worked out tonight and only mildly aching :slight_smile:

Well I did slightly injure myself. :frowning:

When I flex my left leg (with it straight) I get pain shooting through my knee. It is either knee or quad. I must have slightly hyperextended it but I can still run etc fine.

Damn ice…

I like it when it is Cool. Once when i was coming home from Athletics last winter i was ridding my bike, started to ride with no hands. I was singing to myself, i was on a big long dark road. And then my bike started turning on its side fly on the groud and i was just sliding for about 35meters at high speed. For some reason i held onto my bike all the way.

I laughed after i stopped, and lied on the floor for about 5minutes. And looked up at the sky in shock (at the night sky).