warmup? accel/speed hill work-outs

what are the different warm-ups folks employ before a speed session on hills? Would like to hear of all the ways that have been used at one time or another?

Also, is a b-skip or straight-leg run useless (maybe even dangerous) as a warm-up on hill seeing as, the hill is used as a means to achieving angles and straightlines that could be transferred to acceleration and early transition on the flat(0-20m maybe 30m). The area where the knee angle(between femur and shin) is lesser than max v.

i wouldnt do b skip or str legs uphill.

typical warmup before a speed session:
400 jog/skip
quik static stretch 15sec hold max
speed power drills
Dym mobility drills
3-4x builds
** sometimes i will end with 10-15 throws or jumps.

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