Walter Dix

I’d like to know what’s happened to Walter Dix? Last year the star this year unknow… Anyone?

Hurt and not risking it when he still has Olympic Trials.

I wish him the best. It will be tough for him though.

I will be interested to see how he does. There was no news of him indoors either. Davan, do you have any more information on the injury and when he may be opening up? Do you know if he’s doubling at the trials? He could be a dark horse I think. People aren’t really talking about him as mentioned on here. But he proved last year he was for real by running quick at nationals and not only on the collegiate circuit. Fingers crossed, I wanna see him in the mix!

He skipped indoors to focus on his Olympic preparation, but has been having recurrent hamstring problems over the last couple of weeks/months

he jut ran 20.90 200m at the georgia tech invite

Looked very impressive I thought!

looked ok but a far cry from 19.6

Well he ran a good 70%. How many people you know jog 20.9 after not running in a meet for 6 weeks. pretty impressive to me.

That was my point. His bend looked ridiculously easy, and even when he was eating up everyone else he looked like he had another gear he could have shifted up to!

He looked pretty sluggish around that bend. Was it because he’s in bad shape, or because he was out for a weekend stroll?

How can he be in bad shape running 20.9? Some of you guys are funny to me. HE didnt want to push it to hard. YOu guys cant see that?
HE JOGGED a 20.9!

That’s exactly what I was asking - I wasn’t sure if he was taking it easy or if he’s “slow” right now. In answer to your first question, running 1.1 seconds slower than his PB might mean he’s in bad shape, or it might mean he did just enough to win.

After the curve it looked like he accelerated a bit.

He came second and I thought it looked fairly obvious he was cruising there, the difference in the pattern of the race on the curve and on the straight away showed me that.

I hear you. If he would have just gunned the strait he would have ran 20.5

It seems like he was definitely holding back only wanting to test the ham but so much. He looks like he was competing very much under control yet not willing to risk anything too great, yet.