Where can I find some wallpapers of sprinters?

Not sure of an actual site, but what I do is to do a Images search on Google. Type in an athletes name and see what comes up…some if not most pics can be saved as a desktop wall paper…hope this helps :smiley:

Why not just make one for yourself, they are pretty easy to make.

any tips on this? what do you mean?


Wallpaper for your desktop (gives a nice image).

Basically any photo of your favorite athlete will do, a software package that will allow you to place your text/images on the layout, and export in the resolution you want; voila…wallpaper of your favorite athlete/sport.

Typical background resolutions are 1024x768 & 1280x1084 etc.

If any members make any, upload them and share.


Here is a free wallpaper, click here, just right click and set it as a background image. Mac users will have to save it then adjust their desktop image via their properties panel.

Here is what the download looks like.