Waking Up Starving

Ok Im kinda of getting confused here. I too get hungry when I wake up and I often hear my stomach growling like an engine in the shower. I’m trying to lose some fat here but I also train for sprints and hrudles. I don’t take any supplements and don’t plan too until my body ahs matured a bit more(atleast till im 16). Can you tell me if there is something wrong with my diet?
This is what I had today.
1 cup of Oatmeal Crisp Cereal(looking for a better cereal) with skim milk
1/2 cup of pineapples( i think sweetened but I hope not)

Not time for snak inbetween classes
Lunch - 11:45
Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat
lettuce, pickles, touch of pickled chilis, and onions.
one thing of yogurt(fat free fruit bottom)

Snack - 3:30 ish
Apple and handful of almonds

After workout snack - Usually 5-5:30 ish
cup of cottage cheese with handful of blueberries or tablespoon of natural berry jam.

Dinner - 7:00-7:30 ish
Chicken breast with 1 cup brow rice and 2 cups steamed veggies.

Snack- 9
Some kind of fruit
usually apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries or whatever is available.

I sleep close to 11 or 12 cuz I have to help with my parents store.

I usually get that stomach gorlwing feeling inbetween breakfast and lunch, right when i get up and coupele hours after dinner.
Right now Im 158 lbs(i think im 10-11% bf Im not sure…) from a 195 16-17%bf>6 months ago. I want to get rid of a bit mroe fat for good but I’m lacking some time for training(I still train but no as much as in season). I calculated that Im consuming about 2200 calories a day with my diet. Is there anything I can do to reduce that starved feeling but still keep my diet safe for maintaining(possibly lowering) my bf until im on summer holiday?
My first guess is that I should move my almonds inbetween my breakf and lunch and sneak into class but im not sure. Help me out here plz
Sometimes these hunger attacks make it hard to resist pigging out but I abstain. I dunno how long I can hold it though.