Wake Forest Pro Day

From Dallas Tx to Wake Forest could be a sleeper in a right situation.

4.28ish and 28reps this morning.

Pre Draft notes:
(5-feet-11, 210 pounds), who has been clocked at 10.09 in the 100 meters and as fast as 4.34 in the 40, has had an up-and-down career.

The sprints were done in 30 degrees and small snow flakes…

Intriguing prospect: I saw a 6"88 in 2011 for him over 60m, and 10"93 in HS.Did he un outdoor in college?Some reliable times? ( 10"09 obviously manual and or other timing )

On Wake Forest track site:
Harris’ Personal Bests
60m: 6.82
100m: 10.70

You have to remember those were pre draft notes and those times were in high school = ht or wind aided.

Harris ran track at Duncanville High School in Texas and had a few of the fastest high school 100 meter times in the state for 2009. I read in a few spots he supposedly ran 10.09 (obviously that’s wind-aided and hand-held) which I find difficult to believe. However he did run a documented 10.34 / 100 meters and 21.24 / 200 meters. If we assume those were hand-held that still puts him sub-10.6 and sub-21.5. He reminds me a bit of UTEP’s back, Donald Buckram. Buckram was also a Texas high school running back and track athlete with bests of 10.25 (hand-held) in the 100 meters. Buckram didn’t have success until later in his career and not against a team the caliber of Virginia Tech. It would seem Harris is pretty talented and kudos to the Wake offensive line.

Weather he ran 10.0 or 11.2 - his on field speed is still impressive…

He never focused on track in college, most football players who run track in college still have to complete the football workouts etc unless you are at a powerhouse track program (lsu) or legit track guy.

I do believe if he would put his focus on track he could be a legit 10.2 or better guy.

40 yd dash pro day.