so i now have a partner to time me, and we did 2x20 and then 2x30, after i did 6x60 and he did 4x60.

Reason i did so many 60m runs with complete rest was because every rep was getting faster and faster. I almost dropped 2 tenths in the 60 by just running rep after rep. How should i plan the next session, i do not want to burn myself out in few sessions.

what did you have plan?

after that i did tempo and plan to do a short session today, i have a meet on tuesday. I’m unaware though if my performance ran in intensity and volume was greater then 95%, thus affecting my performance on tuesday. I’m not sure whether i should do or not do the speed session today.

just do a couple starts at 95%.

since i already did accels and maxv should’nt i do 2-3 reps at 120m for speed endurance?

You won’t recover from a SE session to race in 2 days. Two days out, I usually do 4X20 after a shorter than normal warmup, but I wouldn’t do more than a couple or a few starts, as tamfb said.

There’s also the more general issue of longer SE during comp, which as Charlie said in a couple posts a while back, can tear you down. HSI doesn’t go over 80m during comp (and early in the week).

what if he did something like 2x20, 1-2x150 at sub max speed?

I’m not saying he’s tapering for the key race, but take a look at Charlie’s 10-day taper. There isn’t anything like 120-150 close to a meet, even at 95%. The 120 I think is a week earlier at 95%.

Also I know that John Smith has people running 200-400 and 150s, every week, all season, but when comp comes around…suddenly no SE over 80, and even those are usually not at 100%. So I think you’ll find a negative effect doing these too close to racing, as Charlie said months ago.

This is what TC said about SE work 4 days out.

“I’ve found you just want a longer SE rep about 4 days out for rhythm - long enough to let them stay fresh but not so far that they can’t remember the last time they ran over 100m”.

Big difference between 4 or more days out and 2 days out. Again, see Charlie’s schedules, and there is no SE 2 days out.

The guy run 12.1, CF 10 day taper doesnt apply to him.

well i did 2x20m and then 2x120 meter. my race is on the tuesday, the speed session was on saturday. On sunday which is today i just got back from doing tempo. The day before the race is all rest.

if the 120’s were submax you will be ok.

i dont know if they are submax, i felt very fast, and i think i got a PB at 13.25seconds for the 120m, the first rep i got 13.56.

goodluck on tue…

You should be ok Senri if you didn’t push the 120’s too much. Good luck let us know how you get on.

strange how the body does not want to adapt. Gotta find a way. I keep running 12.1x

strange how the body does not want to adapt. Gotta find a way. I keep running 12.1x