Volley Ball


Several years ago I had a phone consult with Charlie. I was setting up a youth program and this is what we came up with. We created 2 groups one more power based and one more tempo (for lacrosse and soccer etc…) I am posting my group 1 program which includes:

Indoor track
Ice Hockey
Outdoor Track

Unfortunately I never asked him if I should include volleyball for the group above. If anyone out there is doing conditioning for Volleyball can you critique this set up? The program below is for 15-18 year old females for a High Level Private club.


Session 1 max accel/speed + conditioning
Warm up 1+2 and Abs
Isorobic runs or hill runs 2x4x15m (progress to 2x4x20m)
Push up starts 2x4x15m (progress to 2x4x20)
High starts 2x5x15m (progress to 20m)
Explosive Medball throw
Running A’s
Strength training
cool down

Session 2 acceleration or deceleration
Warm up 1+2 and med ball for core
Isorobic runs or hill runs 6x15m (progress to 10 reps)
Falling starts to: 2x4 x10-15m fast 10-15m easy 10-15m fast (progress to 2x5x10-15m)

Break away belts/man to man (10m zone)
Medball throws
Running A’s
Strength training
cool down

Session 3 max accel/speed
Warm up 1+2 and Abs
Isorobic runs or hill runs 2x4x15m (progress to 2x4x20m)
Push up starts 2x4x15m (progress to 2x4x20)
High starts 2x5x15m (progress to 20m)
Medball throw
Running A’s
Strength training
cool down

Looks good to me. Volleyball is a power sport, moreso than the other sports on your list (except for some of the events within track). It consists of very short bursts of high power output followed by a slightly longer rest. I don’t remember the numbers, but it’s something like 5-15sec effort then 20-30sec rest on average.

Are we talking in season or off-season? How many times a week are they playing volleyball, or is it all training?

Thanks for the input. I purposely left out traditional plyos since I think they have a day devoted to plyos.

I did not know about the rest/work ratio for volley ball. But that sounds about right. I only have my space for 1.5 hrs. So a short 10-15m sprint followed with a 30 sec walk back works out perfect…

Total off season. I would say this is a summer program. I would not do this at all if they were playing VB.

They train like 3-5days a week depending on their development level during the pre-season and during the competitive season. VB training starts in November and runs until the beginning of June.

So i am thinking:

Aug(4 weeks)
Sept(4 weeks)
Oct(4 weeks)

But More than likely it will be 8 weeks.

“Maza (2005), in an attempt to analyze the most significant variables volleyball found that the average of the points was between 4 and 8 seconds, the length of the pause within - the game was between 12 and 20 seconds, that the relationship work - rest or effort - pause was of 1 / 2.5 - 1 / 3, which sets the duration was between 18 and 25 minutes and the duration of the meetings was between 80 and 120 minutes.”

“The relationship game time - pause time is 1:3 women and men and 1:5,5”

From http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&langpair=es|en&u=http://www.efdeportes.com/efd122/preparacion-fisica-en-el-voleibol.htm&prev=/translate_s%3Fhl%3Den%26q%3Dvolleyball%2Bphysical%2Bpreparation%26sl%3Den%26tl%3Des

Cool thanks. I didnt think it was too bad of a set up. I was just was not familiar with volleyball work work/rest ratios.

I actually created the program and sent it to Charlie. Nothing like sitting there and waiting while a legend like charlie reviews your work. I though he was going to hang up and send me back to the drawing board LOL… I was shocked when he told me the breakaway belts were a cool idea :slight_smile:

The only thing I remember him questioning me about was if 90 min would be enough to fit in weights. It will be tight but I am thinking 1 day of upper 1 day of lower and maybe a oly day or something full body…

We’ll see though the club director is kinda full of himself so he may not want to hear me out.

I play quite a bit of volleyball, and I always feel great after an hour of play since there is so much rest.

Awesome they should be fired up for weights after some sprints. Thanks for the tip on the work / rest. that was the piece I was missing.