Vitamin C

In light of my own recent experiences, and an interview I heard on ABC Radio National on the weekend (it was on The Science Show – if anyone’s interested), I thought I’d bring up the subject of Vitamin C supplementation for peak athletic performance.

I’ve felt that I just generally feel better when I take between 1 and 2 grams of Vitamin C a day, but because of the fact that humans need external sources of the stuff (i.e. we don’t synthesize it naturally for some reason, like animals do) I’m playing with the idea of taking up to 10 grams a day. I’m slowly building it up, and at the moment I’m at 4 grams a day. There’s a few sites on the internet that say 3-6 grams a day is what regular folk (i.e. non-athletes) should be taking. One such site is:

Here’s another link with the results of various studies on Vitamin C:

Even one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, Linus Pauling, himself took 10 grams a day (not sure for how long though) and went on to campaign the benefits of Vitamin C until he died, at age 93.

So, after that long-ass introduction, I pose the question: What are all of your experiences with Vitamin C? What do you think about these proposed massive doses? :).

I view vitamin c (as well as a multi-vitamin) as very cheap insurance. It works out to pennies a day. It has many potential benefits that far out weigh any negatives.


I know a lot of guys use it for the immunity benefits. However, if you overdose are there not side affects such as lethargy???

Vitamin C is water soluble, excess is urinated out. Fat soluble vitamins in high doses can have ill effects.

Ok, I just remember Dwayne Grant telling me that when he took lots of it, not sure in terms of actually figures, but I’m guessing we’re not talking about 10g as mentioned in this thread, he felt tired etc for a couple of days, but then bounced back off it.

I take about 500 to max 900 mg a day.

But 4g :eek: be careful with kidney stones.

I take 1-2 mg a day. I also drink a gallon and a half of water a day.

Kidney stones??? Can you elaborate please.


Common Vit C (ascorbic acid) at high dose can lead to kidney stone.
We use vit c aa 4-5 gr prebed with athletes, but only for few weeks.
Linus Pauling speaks about calcium ascorbate (Ester C), much “safe” formula at high doses.

Some studies proved that high dosed vit c can lead to kidney stones. I wouldn’t take over 700-900mg, remember you also get vit c of normal nutrition.

Remember to drink lots of water!

i worked with a highly respected nutrionist a while ago and i asked her about vit c. She told me that you get what you need from your diet, the effect on the immune from mega doses is minimal and can be more harmful than positive even for athletes under ditress from training. She said to stick to the rdi and maybe a little bit more.

Dont know if this is right, its just what she told me.

Yes, I think the studies that have found the formation of kidney stones was from the consumption of ascorbic acid. I think the calcium/sodium ascorbates are much less risky. However, I found this article that reviewed various studies on Vitamin C (of any type) and kidney stones:

He concluded that there is no causation of kidney stones by Vitamin C.

My urine is really yellow lately, what does this mean?

Do you use only vit C or vit/complex B too?

Urine should be clear. You’re probably not drinking enough fluids. Vit B can make your urine yellow not sure about C.

Yeah, I’d go straight to looking at my hydration status and try and rule that out first before worrying about which vitamin is causing it.