Vitamin C + Calcium

Hello everyone , Finally (after a long search :stuck_out_tongue: ) I´ve got a supplement wich include both components.

Could someone tell me when is the better time to take the Vit-c+Calcium supplement during the day?

I suppose it would be not with meals because the interference with the absorption of proteins , I ´ve read the whole CFts and watched the GPP dvd but I can´t find the exact answer :frowning:

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Post-exercise …

Vit C to reduce cortisol improve recovery
Calcium absobption not inhibited by caffiene if taken pre-WO

calcium on its on is useless… becuz without
dimethyglycin does nada… thats d3 but if you
are implying d2 its activated by sun… its a slight steroid. calciferol…erol…


OK so the best time is inmeddiatelly pos-workout…

but then , Would protein (in the post-WO protein shake) absorption interferr with calcium absorption?

Lot of thanks Thunder , I know Ca on its own is a waste of time because you need vit D3 (I prescribe some of my older patients Natecal-D :stuck_out_tongue: ) however what I´ve learnt is that D3 increases absorption of Ca at the bones but I don´t remenber :frowning: if D3 increases absorption of Ca at the digestive system (I´m gonna read articles of reference right now :wink: )

But as I´ve mentioned above my great doubt is about competition between proteins and Calcium , so the main questions are:

1-It´s good idea take Ca and vit-C at the same time? (because my supplement carries both together)

2-When it´s supposed to be the best time during the day?