Visa Championships - 100m Final

Being the lovely,caring and thoughtful guy I am, I thought I’d share this with all of my family:

select 2005 at the bottom of the page, scroll to the bottom of the page and down load the 10min coverage of the Visa 100m mens Final.

Maurice’s hammie pull is as real as it gets :eek:
It kinda looks like it would have snapped.


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Ohh my god. You don’t know how painful that tear looked to me. I don’t mean the pain of the injury. I mean I felt like I was the one to be injured. I have hated Maurice greene ever since he beat Donovan bailey. Bailey was my idol. I started training when he just took the 100m in atlanta when everyone was talking about how he finishes and stuff. In 99 seville, up to 70m I thought Surin was gonna bring back the revenge. And the I thought Obekwell would stop him in the 200m but non did. Then was the Olympics where I wished ato would win ( although I knew Maurice will beat him ) But then no one could stop greene. And So Maurice Greene made me respect him and be all on his side. I just became one of his biggest fans and suddenly Bailey is out of my head totally and Maurice greene is in. He MADE me Like the way he runs, starts finsihes everything. But then just when I started to respect him after that 2001 final, he just lost his WR the year after, went out of semis in the 2003 worlds 3rd in the Olympics and now I have to see him fall like that. That was so painful for me to see someone who made me respect him at the very best fall just like that with non of the other athletes ( other than training partner ) go and check on him!!
Is that gonna be the end of Maurice greene. Just like that! No :frowning: No way.

Yes, poor Mo - but on the funny side: Was it really necessary to lick Gatlin in the head? :wink:

The amazing thing is, if you look back at the tape and watch that particular part, Gatlin slows down slightly after getting hit! Then STILL picks it up and wins.

Well, forgive-me MO, but this picture is simply amazing !! :eek:

What sticks out most in my mind is the comments that Mo made in the media regarding the fact that he’d recently hit a personal best in practice. Any practice time personal best will be comparable to the fastest meet times for almost any athlete. Although there are many runners who will be pushed to a faster time due to the excitement and competition that real meets offer, there are far more chances to get favorable conditions (wind, temp, relaxation, over all wellness) in practice. What this could mean is that an athlete-Mo for instance-could have run faster than ever before during a practice personal best. This could include overall time or top speed. Depending upon starting and timing procedures, Mo may have hit a hand time in the mid to low 9’s or a 10m segment of .81 or .82 (which he hit in Sydney).

It has been noted that hamstring injuries are frequently attributable to overwork-i.e. a poorly recovered or prepared muscle attempting to bear an exceptional load. After reading his comments I secret wondered if his body would be ready to go full bore when a pb of any type had been exceeded less than 10 days out from the championships. Usually the body takes a while to recover from any extraordinary performance. He pushed himself to a new place, at least in practice, which takes some time to regenerate from.

After this much needed rest, I will go out on a limb and say that Mo can run under 10 at least once within the next 45 days. In doing so he will, in effect, beat one or two of the eventual Helsinki medalists.

Personal bests do not indicate any athlete who is permanently down or out.

I doubt it was either of those things. Probably some type of time over a certain number of reps at a given distance.

This sucks, cos I can’t find it there!!! :mad:

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