Vince Anderson/ race modeling

It would seem obvious that would be the case. Obviously there is wind, obviously there is more training time, etc.

Ironically, some of the European sprinters in recent history have run slower 60s outdoors. Dwain Chambers (6.42 indoors), Craig Pickering (6.55 indoors), Andrey Yepishin (6.52 indoors), and others actually ran slower 60m splits outdoors than indoors. I don’t know if it is the training or they crap their pants or what.

Probably various factors. Chambers clearly had something to prove indoors, hence the 6.42, then felt like he had achieved it and took his foot of the gas a bit. Pickering was slightly injured outdoors in 2007 (off his 6.55 indoors) and so couldnt do any block work from June onwards. Yepishin ran his 6.52 at a home championships (the world indoors) which I always find suspect!

.08 slower for Chambers? With tail wind?

Yepishin ran multiple 6.5s and he was close to beating out Leonard Scott, so he was no slouch. He never broke 10.1s and was typically around 10.2-10.3 for the season (which is around 6.6mid-6.70 through 60m).

Pickering may have been slightly injured in 2007, but what about 2008 and 2009? 10.2x SB in 2009 and no PR in 2008.

I wish the best for these guys, but perhaps something is messed up with the indoors to outdoors transition or maybe it is the different accel pattern ;).

Chambers’ relatively poor results outdoors compared to indoors in 2009 has also a lot to do with uncertain competition schedule due to controversy over meet directors’ invitations.

Yepishin had the advantage to be used to the very low-sound gun used during Moscow World Indoors in 2006, where he took silver in 6.52 (react 0.144). Leonard Scott was almost trapped during the first round, and several other guys were disturbed. However, outdoors, he ran 10.10 (wind +1.3, react 0.148) and 10.12 (wind +1.5, react 0.168) in Sweden during European Champs. During the 10.10, i estimate his 60m intermediate time @ 6.52.
Indoors, he didn’t ran multiple 6.5, he ran 6.52 and 6.59 during those World Champs, as his only sub 6.6 races of the year. Just as his 10.10 and 10.12 were the only sub 10.2 races outdoors. Achilles problems hampered the rest of his career.

Pickering had the bad luck to run many races against the wind in 2009. 10.32 w-1.7, 10.33 w-1.8, 10.47 w-2.9, 10.32 w-2.4 all this is not that bad compared to the 6.57, 6.58, 6.58 he ran indoors.

Maybe Speedfreak1 has some more infos on one of the above:)…2009 Pickering got 10"08 with slightly above 2 m/s…I feel the difference btw outdoor 60 and indoor ones are due to wind and training.
For some italian guys we have slow 60 outdoor compared to indoor, due to a shift of emphasis on other training components, and, unfortunately for some, a loss of strength caused by not performing weight training for months.