To the forum,

I recently went to Cuba for a vacation and actually witnessed their national team train for about 45’. Talk about getting back to the basics. Anyway, in the resort I was staying, one of the staff came up to me and started talking and asked if I did a sport. So we got on to talking about track and he was apart the national team from 1980-94 he still is very much a track and field enthusiast. Because of it being Cuba he didn’t have much in the way of obtaining videos from the Olympics. So the question is to the FORUM, where can I get video (Olympics and Worlds) from 1988 on??? If I have to buy them then okay but I would like to get some video (he especially wanted Flo Jo) by the middle of April when I have some friends going down there.

Thank you for all of your help!:sing:


There are some videos on

Is there any place on the internet with a full video of Ben’s 9.79?

there is a ton of videos on this site of almost every event i believe…it seems to have more throws than anything…


Wow, that’s a great site.