Videos of Kenteris

Has anyone Videos of greek Sprinter Kostas Kenteris?

The man had such a short but unbelivable career.
And he ran only very few races, always the big championships though.

Some Slowmos from Edmonton, Sydney or Munich?

Thor, god of all vids?

there is a vids in firenze atletica
when i’m at home, i will post the link

he had an incredible end speed at 200m

tx for the site


Thx for the links.

But those are all in the unfortunate quality from Kenteris’ site.

I was hoping for some quality videos or slowmos maybe. There are dozens of slowmos of greene and johnson, but I never saw a single quality video, that shows something about Kenteris technique and mechanics.

At least from the 2000 Oly-Final there must exist some quality footage.

But thanks anyway!