Videos from Zurich.

100 and 110 hurdles and womens 100 up now. Mens 100 to follow later.

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Thanks Thor, as usual, great job!

Very impressed by the performances in women’s 100m race!

In Helsinki, French sprint coaches were laughing at Williams and Campbell backside technique, but isn’t result that count first? They had the medals, now the times 10.85, 10.88 in that kind of rain is promising. Some didn’t expected Williams to win because of her supposed lack of endurance and bad technique, but they forgot that Miss Williams did an unprecedant feat at female’s 100m : win in the same year NCAA and then place in the podium at US Nationals and Olympics/World Champs in the samme year. Beeing able to have such 3 pics in the same season means great training program and strong sprinter…

Also i believe Amy Deem is not an idiot and is working very progressively on Lauryn, she obviously does a great job, so i don’t follow the trash talking against the 2 women.

I didn’t saw the women’s 400m, but incredible performance from Richards! Poor reaction time too, the old Brisco-Hooks US Record almost gone… I’m sure Tonique could have done sub49 in Paris, Berlin, and one other meet i can’t remember in 2004, and also in Helsinki, but like after Athens OG, i believe she was so tired. Guevara down, here is an even tougher oponent to deal with for TWD. Richards time is the first sub49 time in meeting (i mean outside Championships of any kind) since 1984 (Koch 48.26 in Dresden). She moves 9th on the all-time list, and is the only one among the Top10 to have done her personal record outside a Championship.

Though I know it’s still far from ideal, I believe that Lauren’s posture has been overall much improved this year. If you have ever seen video of her running in high school, you would see a tremendous difference. She is still vey much a work in progress.

Our own Dr Mike Prebeg has done therapy on Lauren on and off for the last two years. He has found Lauren to be a delightful person and her coach Amy Dean to be very logical in her decision-making. Of course, results speak louder than words.
I would like to know more about the peaking plans and/or injury situation for Sanya Richards because she was off the boil at the NCAAs and a few other times. It would be good to look backwards from this great performance to see if this type of ultimate peak can be made repeatable.

Don’t know about her injury situation, but for sure here is her season so far:

Apr02 - 22.89w Arlington
Apr09 - 50.2relay Austin
Apr23 - 51.23 Waco
Apr30 - 49.9relay Philadelphia
May07 - 49.96 Kingston
May22 - 50.00 Carson
Jun04 - 49.98 Eugene
Jun11 - 22.53 Monterrey
Jun25 - 49.28 Carson NC (51.79, 51.09)
Jul05 - 49.95 Lausanne
Jul08 - 49.82 Roma
Jul22 - 50.35 London
Aug10 - 49.74 Helsinki WC (51.00, 50.05)
Aug19 - 48.92 Zürich

Now some intermediate times:

12.3, 24.6, 36.9, 49.96 Kingston
(12.3 + 12.3 + 12.3 + 13.1, 24.6 + 25.4)

12.1, 24.0, 36.0, 49.28 Carson
(12.1 + 11.9 + 12.0 + 13.3, 24.0 + 25.3)

11.9, 23.7, 35.6, 48.92 Zürich
(11.9 + 11.8 + 11.9 + 13.3, 23.7 + 25.2)

Sanya obviously follows a planned race scheme, she said somewhere that she worked this plan everyday at training with Clyde Hart, with the first 3 100m section in same time, which means that the first section is still the fastest one because of the start and acceleration. She is the only one to run like this, Tonique has a more traditional plan, 12.0 + 11.3 + 12.2 + 13.8, or 12.0, 23.3, 35.5, 49.30 in Zürich).

Thanks for such a detailed analysis! Very interesting splits, especially as MJ had the more traditional method as well (Goteborg 11.13, 10.13 - exactly even after allowing for the diff between standing start and running start. Also see the article on her where she says that she went too fast for the first 200 at the WC at 22.9 vs her more normal 23.5 range split.

The trap is always to try to follow Tonique during the first half, because she is always very fast. I would like to know what is behind Sanya’s strategy…

For those who haven’t seen it already, there is a video of the womens 400 from Zurich at my site:

The video is split in two, so use an mpeg-merger to join the parts back together again.

thanks for the videos.

Thats more like it from Sanya! After watching the Semis in Helsinki I knew she could go sub 49.

Was it the weather conditions that stopped her from doing this in Helsinki, the multiple rounds?, or was her taper schedule wrong?

I saw a persentation from a certain german sports science professor (who talked a lot of sense) and he joked that athletes were usually just peaking for championships during the plane flight home.

Interestingly his research showed max performance about 10-14 days after the stimulus session (very, very similar to the East German’s 10 day taper). People always seem to think 10 days is too long but under certain circumstances infact it may not be long enough! How long has it been since Helsinki?

You know how I feel about 10 days if you’ve read my books. Since Sanya switched to Clyde Hart, I’m pretty sure her taper is right, though her tasper at UT was prob off cause all the other girls were off too. As the article on her posted in another thread points out, she went out too fast in Helsinki