Videos from Zurich.

I will (hopefully) be adding more later. Remember to right-click and save.

And lastly a special treat for all the canadians here:

Thank you Thor-

The Slow Mo Video with the overhead view is incredible.


you are the man!!!

thanks alot for the clips.

if you find yourself in Raleigh NC, drop me an e-mail and the beer and bar-B-Q are on me :smiley:



i hope you´re fast on track as you´re here… :wink:

Thanks Thor. That’s terrific.
You can see that Mo’s done some technical work since London. A better overall result for him and closing the gap will be a psychological boost for him, though Asafa looked pretty calm throughout.

Look Powell in video ZM100Slow…
very very interesting how “height” Asafa get his feets while he bring his legs from back to forward ( recovery phase ? )…
look that Mo´s feet gets higher ( buttock ) mainly his right leg, actually, Mo´s feet disappear behind his upper legs, as Powell´s feet are passing just paralel to his knees…
that´s why both are steping 46 times ( Asafa is 5" taller than Greene ?? ).

Yeah, when looking at the race first you could really see a point where Powell just surged and when you looked at the slow mo it was right when Mo started to grimace. Very interesting, AWESOME stuff Thor!

I don’t usually record longer races because my computer treathens to re-boot, but today I got away with recording the womens 400. It’s a zipped file at 20mb.

Thanks Thor, you’re amazing!

In the videos, it appears that Asafa is emphasizing the “backswing arm” when coming out of the blocks. His right arm appears to swing back first and then his left hand swings forward at the start, does anyone else see this? Charlie, what are the disadvantages or advantages to emphasizing the arm swinging backwards, instead of emphasizing the front swinging arm out of the blocks?

Hard to say if it is an emphasis. Most people have little trouble with the backswing, so they emphasize the forward motion of the lead arm- which is also the first thing to move at the gun

My wife was watching the head-on slow-mo video clip with me and noticed that not only does Asafa have one-hundredth of a second on Mo, but he also has a much bigger ‘package’ than Lil’ Mo. :eek: I was too busy watching technical matters to notice. Silly me. I was watching arm swing, she was watching some other swingin’.

Charlie, who does that ‘observation’ remind you of…??? :rolleyes:

Makes sense Number 2, since the windshield wiper was invented by a woman!

My question is who is behind AP? I am not familar with his training or methods…Great video Thor.

Thanks for those Thor - cool over-head

I agree with you prophet, i perceived this too in Powell´s start,
actually, i always thought that MO is more a backswing than frontswing starter.

Steve Francis (also coach to Brigitte Foster and Sherone Simpson).

And no relation to Charlie :wink: