Videos from the World Athletics Final.

Some videos from the first day.

Save before viewing.


Thanks, yet again, as it has been a long season and without your videos most of us wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it like we did. :slight_smile: Your time and efforts were envaluable.

Good luck with your courses :wink:

hey THOR, how do u get these videos by the way? and so soon after the races? Ive always wondered…

Since I use a tv-card to watch television anyway it’s just a case of pressing the button that says “record” whenever I feel like :wink:

With that done I e-mail the file to myself, which stores it on the same server as where my homepage is. Then it’s just a case of moving the file to the correct folder. It helps that I’ve got 10mb upload speed.

Oh aite, i get it now. U got some serious coverage though. Whats ur tv plan like? which channels etc?