Videos from the WAF, day 2

Mens 200:

Mens 400 hurdles:

Womens 400:

100 hurdles:

Womens 100:


Thanks for both days of great work. The quality is exceptional.

Thank you, Thor!

ye nuff rspx thor…jus wondering though am i the only one who is downloading them and is not gettin the full races…?

No, it happens sometimes. I don’t know why. You can try again though. You will have the whole thing eventually! :slight_smile:

HURDLES!!! Thanks thor you’re my hero! Great race!

What viewer do you use?

what do u mean eventually i will have the full video…i must downlad it severl times before i obtain whole clips?..ive used windows media player as well as winamp(but it shows clip upside down w/ no sound)…is there another player that anyone recommends that may diplsay the entire clip?..rspx…

Thor has suggested VideoLan ( ) and although sometimes I have to start downloading a certain video again and again, until I’ve got it in full length (i.e., start again, yes), it always plays on the VLC player! Hope it helps!

Nothing is wrong with your player. I recommend VideoLan, you could get that from the link that Nikoluski provided, but still that is not your problem. If you notice, when you start downloading your file, you will see the filesize the right of the download window (e.g. 253kb of 25.8mb…). Sometimes the video will automatically complete (for a reason unknown) at about the first few megabytes, so instead of 25.8mb, only 2.4mb is downloaded.

You may be under the illusion that you have the full video because the download windows might read something like “complete, 2.4mb out of 2.4mb downloaded”, while in fact its only a fraction of the real video.

The Solution?
Get a free Download Manager such as “Fresh Download”:

or “free download manager”:

I can’t fully vouch for “free download manager”, but I tested Fresh download extensively with this problem and it always delivers. :wink:

Could you briefly describe how this works?


Well I think I could skip the download and install instructions right? Its pretty straightforward just like any other download and install, so lets get right to the good stuff!

  1. After you startup the program, here is how the main window looks, its pretty simple navigation, you dont have to search for any options to start your downloads, all the basics can be accessed from this one screen.

  1. Ok, there are two ways to download a file, either by dragging the link to the “drop icon” or by inserting the URL in the add window.

a) By Drop Icon. Here is what your drop icon looks like (its the little white arrow in the small blue box, at the bottom-right of the screen)

All you have to do is click your link, and drag it to that drop icon (just like you drag any normal file, click and hold down as you move it, then release when it is over the drop icon) and a download window will pop up. Its pretty straightforward after that, just click “ok” to start your download.

This is how the download looks in progress:

Note Pay attention to your download destination, you can change it if you want, but its usually set to “My Documents” or the Desktop by default.

(b) By URL/link. Use this method if your browser does not support link dragging, or if you do not see the drop icon for some reason.

Firstly, go the main window, then click the big “Add” button at the top of the window. It will then popup the following download window(the same as the one the first method leads you to):

Then just copy and paste the URL of the video, then click “ok” to start your download.

If a download stops for some reason, don’t panick, its normal for some videos to stop at 90% or so, all you have to do is click “Start” in the main window to resume it, no worries.

If you follow this instructions everything should work out fine, in the unlikely event that it doesnt, let me know.

I really appreciate your post! Not brief, but I can live with that… :stuck_out_tongue:
Unfortunately I had a rather “big” problem with it. I downloaded it on Tue and switched off my PC at night. Yesterday -Wed- I had access to the net (e-mails, etc), but my Explorer would not download a single page! Waiting and waiting and nothing happened! Today I called ISP and after doing ALL sort of things, I was asked “have you recently downloaded anything?”, I said “yeap!”, I removed it, restart and Explorer is fine!
I have no idea why this happened! And of course, I am not accussing you or anything, LOL! But I don’t think I’ll try it again. If the same thing happens to other, I hope they know what’s going on from my post. If they have no problem with it, I hope they get all the help they need from your post! :slight_smile:
And that’s my little story!

My 2 cents: VLC Media player is great. Sometimes I get a file that won’t play in another player but VLC handles it almost every time.

Sure, same here! And I don’t think Daniel is disputing this. What he suggested is a way to avoid the need to repeat the process, in the case where a video has not been downloaded in full in the first attempt.

Hey Nik, if you have problems with Fresh Download, as I stated, the alternatives are my video site ( ) or use another download manager such as free download manager ( )