Videos from the Reebok GP

Once again thanks to TMSSF:

Nice one Thor and TMSSF…On point as always :smiley:

Gatlin is on FIRE!!! This guy is making 9.8’s look like tempo runs…is sub 10 no longer exclusive?! Is it all about sub 9.9 now?!! :rolleyes:

First of all: THX!

Man, i think its time for Asafa to show some sub 9,9…

Otherwise i m forced to become an Gatlin-fan :slight_smile:

Despite his many sub 10 runs on the year, I still question his ability to be dominant. Looking at his most recent race I’ve noticed a “shakey” motion when he is accelerating from the blocks. He just doesn’t appear to be anything close to what he was this time last year.

…my $0.02

Quick question, when they say groin injury what muscle(s) are they referring to?

Thanks :slight_smile:

…how rude of me :o Thanks Thor and TMSSF you guys do a great job in keep us on top of the track world. :slight_smile:

Guys, why am I only seeing part of the race??? I’m not getting the whole file?? whats up with that?

are you talking about Asafa now? :confused:

Do you mean that you can only download some of the file before it stops or that you can only play part of the file once it’s downloaded? If it’s the last I suggest you try another media player - like Videolan:

I must admit - as the video seems consistent with each broadcast, the audio (or should I say - dialogue) gets worse! The errors and hyperbole from color analysts sometimes is too much to bear.

Taking a cue from some of Thor’s work, I have consciously taken away the audio from replay highlights. I trust this omission has not affected greatly any technical import while viewing.

TMSSF: :smiley:

Thor: videolan has helped a lot! Thanks once again!

ahgchile: sometimes this happens even with the videolan and it plays only, say, 60% of the video. Whenever I’ve tried downloading it again though, I had no problem watching the whole thing. Hope it’ll be the same for you, too!

Yeah, apparently I was getting only part of the file, but I’m ok now I’m using a download manager.


That’s exactly who I’m talking about.