Videos from the Monaco meet.

I will be adding some more later today and tomorrow.
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Mens 400 Monaco - zipped file.

110 Hurdles Monaco

Womens 200 Monaco

Mens 100 Monaco

Videos from the second day will be posted here.

100 Hurdles

Mens 200 Monaco

Womens 100 Monaco

Thx Thor.

So Asafa won every single 100m race in 2004 exept for the Olympics? Or does my memory fool me?

Incredible - that was “negative peaking” at the Olympics :wink:

yeah thats true, he dominated every race other than the olympics, he has broken ten seconds so far this season, the probelm with him was distributing his energies over the rounds, it needs experince, and for powell he never had that

In Athens, his problem was fear, not rounds

We saw this trueness from Powell´s sweatiness few seconds before Athens final.

Thanks, btw.

I have uploaded the mens 400 hurdles as a zipped file, but had to remove some of the frames at the beginning to fit it in under 20mb.