Videos from Paris.

Will be posted here:

Not much to post today. My computer shut down several times ruining some races.

I have just uploaded the mens 400 with Tyler Christopher winning. The video stops as Christopher crosses the line, to make the file small enough for uploading.

Thanks for posting I enjoyed it all.

Good win for Aziz Zakari, it was a very tough race. Pognon shut down in the last 20m because he felt he was falling down and lost focus… He has fixed his start/accel, but we need to see if it’s consistent during his next races (Lausanne, Roma, etc).
I was amazed by how much therapy Obikwelu received, his warm-up (and warm-down, was the only sprinter who did a warm-down in Paris, along with Perdita Felicien!) only in some strides on the grass and a lot of massage, kine manipulations and stretches by his spanish coach.

Obikwely is the “most serious” sprinter on the field.
( I believe his coach was speaking “portuguese” not spanish as Obikwelu is now a Portugal citizen ).

When you get a chance can you please post the men’s and women’s hurdle races?


Was the therapist working on him a kind of short, somewhat balding guy? Also, Francis has a lingering knee problem that hasn’t completely been cleared up, which may explain the great deal of therapy he received :slight_smile: .


Obi is Portugese but lives and trains in Spain with Maria José Martinez and Manuel Pascual Piqueras. He didn’t managed to get spanish citizenship at that time.

No, it wasn’t Andy Miller, it was his very own Spanish coach Piqueras.

I meant to tape the mens hurdles, but my computer malfunctioned.

No No No No No !!! :eek:
Thor, please, you don´t say that !!
Your computer is the only here ( besides Mr. CF course ) that cannot be malfunctioned !!