Videos from London are being posted.

Mens 100, heat 1 are alreday posted.

I had a lot of problems with my computer today, so I missed Spearmons run. Also I can’t manage to upload the mens 100, only a slow-motion replay.

Thanks anyway.

If its any consolation…Spearmans run was off the chain!!! :smiley:

Thor…if you could tell me how to upload the races from video to PC I could help you here…I have both 100m heats and final and 200m race.

Thanks again, Thor! Your video footage is much appreciated!

Also a MASSIVE congratulations to Leonard Scott!! Sub 10 baby!! well done bro! A great Final…Gatlin’s looks very confident and solid going into the WCH. The boy’s stride length and top end speed is something else man! If he could start like Scott he’d be droppin WR times week in week out!

I have finally been able to upload videos of the mens 100 and 200. Enjoy.

Tks Thor !!

many many thx!


Do you have the womens hurdles?

Thanks again for the vids :slight_smile:

Yes his topend speed is great but he is not of the caliber of Asafa Powell. Watch those heats, i have them at home slow motion, upfront. And Asafa Powell runs 10.03sec easy easy, Gatlin was straining in his heat.

I hope Powell recovers, but it will be tough to main fitness, over 2weeks. He is the ulimate sprinter today.

Gatlin is not on his level

My computer shut-down in the middle of the race. This happened alot yesterday.

i completely agree. if powell is healthy he will win by default.

That’s all good in theory but you must be ready on the day- no ifs ands or buts. That’s the nature of peaking. Regardless of how great Asafa CAN be, Gatlin is 2 and 0 for the season so far, with injuries a factor both times.