Videos from Linz.

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Thanks again Thor for the links. This is a great service to everyone.

Thor, I must say that you are them man wit the way you put up these videos for all of us. Thanks again.

Coby Miller made Double ?

Thanks, was that Bernard Williams in the race with Coby Miller in the 200? If it was I hope he gets himself a lil bit more training in before Athens, looks like he was a tad bit to tensed.

Bernard was “going for the meet record”. Put all the pressure on himself, and you know what happens when a sprinter tries to do something special.

I went there; was a nice meeting, no wind, quite warm, all events perfectly in time. Got a seat first row, right above the finish line.

Bernhard tightened up COMPLETELY when he noticed Coby caught him. But it was very close in the end.
Cobys legs are damn impressive. The man can’t walk normaly anymore, got to move them sideways, like some powerlifters.

But the jumps were the main attraction of the meet. Phillips 8.60m and the Cuban Girls Triple Jump.

AND: Thanks Thor!

Ohh well, I hope Bernard makes sure he relaxes before he gets ready to do his run at Athens hopefully someone wil lbe kind enough to put clips of the good races up here on the net for thsoe of us that don’t get to see the races on tv.

IMO this Coby is just too massive, his technique suffers too.
Also, i believe he lacks velocity near finish line.

And personally, i feel he will never get Top.
But he’s a decent challenge for now.

Well, 19.96 IS top, I’d say. But that was 2000. He was very unlucky the following season (injury) and (although running a 9.99 in this years trial) did not come back to his season 2000 form yet. (9.98, 19.96)…

And believe me: his running form is much better than his walking :wink:

Anyone could tell me what´s the most dificult part
during a development of a sub 10 sprinter career ?

For the advanced athlete probably coming back from injury.

For the beginner/intermediate: To keep an organized long term plan with proper cycles (micro, meso, etc) so that everything you do on track makes sense in the “bigger picture” and you improve constsantly. Usually a good trainer does that for you…

In other words - always running that several fast 100s won’t make you a fast 100m sprinter.

Only small steps lead to big improvement.

Forget 2004 for now, be patient, forget to run the fast 100s. Try to increase your strength, flexibility, jumping power (plyos), overall fitness (tempo runs, curcuit…).
In Autumn concentrate on 30m acceleration (try to get close to 4 secs), then more and more try flying runs 30-60m (try to get close to 3 secs).

Always keep focused on good technique and relaxation.

If you manage 4.2 for the 0-30m and 3.2 for the 30-60m it’s very likely you break 7.5 for the 60m.

Compete in a couple of 60m races for indoor season. Probably you improve to

Keep focused for outdoor season and you’ll probably be in the low 11s in summer 2005.

If you keep on running 5x100 in 12.50 (might be >95% for you), you’ll still run 12.XX next summer.

JM2C :wink:

LOL, it was much more than i was expecting… :slight_smile:
I guess this is everything i need to hear in this phase