Videos from Lausanne are being posted.

Pognon 9.99 - new french record.

Thor, thank’s for your work, nice that you have the know-how and make the effort. Could you possibly also up the men’s triple jump winners jump (Oprea 17.81, a new world leading mark and all time 13th).

You’re the man!

I never did record it, sorry.

Congratulations to Pognon, even if he is French! :wink: London for 2012!

Boooooo,…New York for 2012

Thor, our Super Heroe !!
Any view from the Side Camera ?


Thanks again for the great footage. Did you see what happened at the end of womens hurdles? The footage you posted has Perdita leading late in the race before it cuts off, but in the results she has a time of 17s+!?! Did she get hurt, crash etc.?

Thanks again


THX Thor - just another one to thank you, but the job you do is really great!

Hi Flying - what about your Pic (Williams)? You’re going with the loosers :wink: nowadays? :wink:
Seriously anybody knows what happened to Williams? Was he injured, change of trainer? He does not seem to be in form at all?

bravo ronald pognon paris 2012

If you are using Internet Explorer, You have to save the files to your computer before viewing them. If not, the whole clip won’t show.

My boy Bernard ain’t no loser!! Retract that statement!!! Or i’ll send the dogs around!

What has happened to him though…I’ve just seen his 200m result…both him and Capel are WAY off. Is this because they are coming off their peak from the US Trials? Mind you…in saying that neither performed too great at the Trials…Could this be the downslide of my boy Bernard?!! Pull yourself together lad!

He took last place here ( 100m ) he clearly slow down after 80m.

What were you saying?

Pardon Monsieur?

LONDON 2012!

Chambers !!!

pls forgive me - seeing him live in Linz last year I have to admit he’s the most entertaining competitor.

But currently he is going towards a level near our National sprint level. :wink:

Not a word to say to my funny hero in sprint world…
But hey, let them alone, he is tooking his time,
and you know, it´s all what a real champion knows.