Videos from Bislett in progress

Womens 400 so far. More to come.

man, you are great!

another easy run 9,96 into -0,9w …

He was slowing down at the end, but i think he was looking not so great(if you can say sth like that by sub 10 …). I mean: at the middle he was normally heading away stronger, or is it the angle?

And what about Olu Fasuba ?
He didnt reach the final here. Is anything wrong with him?

for me, asafa don’t seem powerfully as last year
He ran 9"98 and won for 0"04 on Crawford

last year?

Just look at CWG: He had an extremely different start-much better and a better transition. It was march.
Maybe its the angle, maybe his form isnt as strong as in the past.
But i also read that his heat was relaxed like that…