Videos- Ben Johnson- crawford

I can get the webspace… If someone can get the videos of-

Shawn Crawford
Ben Johnson

I also have wr videos of 200m michael johnson, 400m wr as well.

i have a couple videos of crawford, is there a way you could get me the mj videos? i lost them on my old computer.

i now have mjs 200m wr and bens 9.79. both of those races ae crazy.

I have Ben from Zurich and from Rome. I also have 2 slo-mo’s of his 9.79. I have some heats of crawford, I will have to watch them over again. I have an MJ 4x100m leg from Baylor, but the quality isn’t too great.

Michael Johnson 200m world record video and 400m video.

Just scroll down and click on the video icons on the right side of the page

thanks for the links james. davan, what are the times on the crawford and ben races? those sound like good ones to add to my library. it would also be nice to see a slo mo of his 9.79

9.83 and 10.03 (I think) for Ben. The Zurich one he hits his highest max velocity for 10m ever.

The Crawford ones I don’t know. I haven’t watched them as I have all the heats and it is a lot to look through.

id like to see those. which crawford races are you talking about? in athens? i have the athens final and his 9.88 pr. i have the end of mjs 400 now, but id like to have the whole race. that must have been the biggest lead in a 400. ever. hahaha

Yeah the races are from Athens. I have the 100m final, I think the 200m final (I should), and most of the 200m heats. I think I have his semi final heat from the 100m and possibly his quarter final heat as well.

would you be able to get me the crawford and ben races davan?

I have kinda a hectic schedule the next couple of days, but I will try to get them up. My AIM is personfl. If you IM me I can send them to you and you can put them up for everyone.

thanks man