Videos anyone?

Not to be a pest but people are requesting the following videos. If you have any of them send them to

Womens 100m and 200m final from Tokyo 1991
Mens 200m final from Tokyo
Chioma Anjunwa clips
Womens 100m final from 1984 Olympics
Womens 4100m final from Atlanta 1996
Womens 4
100m final from Stuggart 1993
Both gender 100m,200m and 400m from Gothebourg 1995
Womens 4*100m relay from 1997 and 1999 worlds

That’s it please send them to my email again

I don’t have any of those videos (sorry), but I do have a video of Lauryn Williams in her amazing 4x100 anchor leg her senior year at the PIAA State meet where she makes up 10-15 meters on the leaders going from dead last to barely nipping Milton Hershey HS for the win. Maybe it’s something you’ve seen before (especially if you’re from PA), but if not, it’s definitely a must-see (and for all others!)

It’s a pretty crappy file unfortunately, I don’t any equipment to digitally transfer VHS to the computer, so all I could do was take this crappy webcam I have that records video in 30 second increments and point it at my TV screen while the race was playing. It came out relatively well, all things considered, and trust me you can still get the point of the video, even if there’s no sound.

I’m on my way out to work right now but I’ll try to get that uploaded somehow (I’ve never uploaded a video online, not sure how) ASAP!

Well any Lauryn Williams is good. Im like her biggest fan. I love her so much so please if you can send it to me.