Video: Zagreb 2003 False Start: Precendent?

This was kept rather quiet. I’m amazed that it didn’t surface during the Drummond “false start” incident.

It happened during the Zagreb Grand Prix July 7 2003.

Just as the British commentators voiced that they thought that everyone now accepted the new false start rule and that it has caused no problems look what happened!

First up, Llewelen Bredwood false started. This of course put the flag on the whole field.

What happened next gets rather interesting.

Take a close look at this video.

The two major players are Zakari in Lane 5 and Dobor in Lane 6. The sensors in the blocks record a movement by Zakari and he gets the red flag.

But hold on, look at the results of the race.

An exact preplay of the Drummond incident happened. Zakari protested to the starter, and video evidence was presented to show that it was actually Dobor that false started even though the block sensors showed that Zakari moved first.

Dobor was then given his marching orders.

Bredwood then false started again and was also dismissed.

I find this quite fascinating. Remember, this meet was held under IAAF rules. The exact same rules as in Paris 2003. A very interesting precedent indeed.

Looks like Zakari made the first move too…

His hands didn’t move from the ground. As far as I’m concerned, when your hands are on the ground you haven’t started. I would guess that this was his defence.

Having said that, I think I will name this sort of thing the African shuffle. It seems to be very popular with the Ghanain and Nigerian guys. The problem is, they normally take themselves out of contention by doing it. :slight_smile:

The guy in my avatar has suggested that the false-start rule only comes into play when the hands actually leave the ground.