Video - opening leg of the CanadaWest 4x200m relay (indoors)

Hi all, like the topic states, this is the CanadaWest 4x200m relay opening leg as run by me. For those who don’t know, CanadaWest is a regional championship at the University level here in Canada run 2 weeks before our National University competition (CIS)

The video is taken at fairly good range so I’m the only guy in the shot until about 3/4 of the way into the race.

If you have trouble viewing it here’s a link to the Xvid codec I used to compress the hell out of it (it still looks pretty decent though)

Things that I will be doing as soon as indoor season ends. Trying to get the sprinter physique, I spent 5 years at university doing other people’s programs with very limited success. Most of my form is based off of queues I’ve picked up through watching other runners and extensive reading on this site and through training with Glenroy Gilbert briefly in Ottawa.

Comments most welcome otherwise why the hell would I post this? :smiley: