Video of Powells 9.85 in Ostrava today.

If you can’t watch the whole clip, save it to your computer first.

I missed the start, but Eurosport will show it later tonight. Hopefully there will be a replay too

WOW. The hip height on Asafa even at the end of the race is incredible. Wow.

I hope he doesn’t burn him self out or slow himself down by racing every week. I am sure the money is tough to turn down, but he will need to take time to get faster if he wants to break the world record and he can’t do that by running 100s all the time.

That is three races at 9.85 or better. Maybe a new wr this year?

The potential seems to be there, but I agree with Herb -he needs to stop racing like this all the time… :confused:

I reckon for the next 4-6 weeks he’ll go back to some training…

9.85 again??? :rolleyes:

Herb, don’t forget he did not run indoors this year. Maybe he can shut down for a while and come back for a second peak. Thoughts?

Yes Niko, the potential is there but there’s not much room for improvement. However, the temperature was about 12°C and not much wind assistance. If everything is Ok he can break WR with a better start and a better transition between acceleration/top speed phases.

There are 2 options:

  1. Asafa is going to produce the greatest season ever acheived by a sprinter (9.85 or better during the whole season),
  2. Asafa will fade and will barely able to run under 10sec by Helsinki or get injured due to bad monitoring.

His last 40m are staggering to say the least.

Olusoji does great job during 60m and then there’s as expected a world between Asafa and the rest of the field. There’s still 2 month left to work these last 40m… Olusoji’s coach, who consistently ask him not to lean on the tape, will not be happy with the way he ran his last 10 meters :slight_smile: :mad:

Yes, I noticed the track, wet I suppose…
Similar conditions might be in WC, too, though, so…

If he makes the same mistake this year, it’s not a mistake any more…

Olusoji, bad boy… :stuck_out_tongue:
(Good race! Plenty of time for more work. As you say though, after 60 m or there abouts, wow!)

Exactly, Helsinki is not suppose to offer hot weather, the sprint performances set in 1983 WCh and 1994 ECh weren’t storming.
I hear now it was 9°C tonight…

I have posted clips of the womens 100 and Powell (and Olusoji) in slow-motion.

this guy is looking very very impressive.he is really ina class of his own.but i raise the question again…can he do it when it counts!!! certainly looks like it but you just never know

If he keeps racing like this, I can’t see how…

We’ll see his schedule the following weeks, I suppose…

What would his performance have been if he lifted earlier or reduced the “drive phase” by say 5-7 steps and maintained that finish? Or would this drastically affect his finish?

He certainly doesn’t appear to be overloading the max region. Of course, only he and his coach would know this!

The guy is an animal!! Its really funny that this is the same guy from 2-3 years ago who was getting smoked left right and centre and he pulled his hammie in those years as well. (I have the races on tape to prove it). He has improved his start technically. He always has the ability to carry his hips high (again from looking at the old races) but his start was poor. Now he has worked on staying relaxed and working the first 40-50m like a minotaur, thus making the latter part (which he was quite strong at anyway) even easier.

This is a lesson for all here…when the going gets tough…the tough get going…and run 9.85 :smiley:

singing in the rain…just singing in the rain…!!

From the front view, he looks very concentrated, good cadence ( he blink his eyes each 2 steps ) and relaxed, i guess his coach finaly said;
Go ahead and break the WR.
And he definitely was running for that.

Don’t forget the weather: rainy and the temperature - probably 54 F!
I wonder if there was any race faster then 9.85m below 60 F at all?

He’s racing again next week in Athens (Tue 14 June)…

One of the key points for him would be to show up for the race??

…200m final olympics? What happened there?

Maybe he hasn’t peaked yet

theres a scary thought.

Well, just like i said !!!
He could be broken the WR last week in Ostrava, but i believe he left this to Athens.
As i know, this guy became what he is now inspired in MO Greene, it´s very clear when we watch Olympic Heats and warms before races ( look Asafas faces and MO´s faces )
:mad: Vs :mad:
So, it´s done !
Same place, same fact.