Video of Gatlins run at USATF Championships

From the usual source:

i dont see any link for ustaf nationals…the last video on here is gateshead?..also ur other link for the womens 100m for gateshead is not on here?..

Try refreshing your browser twice.

hi there,

can you please see if you can get the womens 100H.


It’s there now.


Off topic of this actual post, but I downloaded the clip of Xavier Carter’s races from the NCAA Finals and it stopped shortly as he was coming off the final turn of the 400m. Is it still doing this or should I try to download the clip again?

Thanks mate

I am always amazed at Gatlins very quick but strong ground contacts. Very impressive.

damn i want to see the 200 men and women, any chance on getting that.

It is supposed to show the whole race. How you tried using different media players?

Hi there Thor, #
Have you got the mens 200 and the mens 110H PLEASE?

They weren’t broadcasted.

Yes they were. At least the 200s. They were shown as a cut-in during the baseball game around 7 or 8pm.

Spearmon was probably in like 4th or 5th place coming off the turn then destroyed everyone on the straightaway. Vaden has a great run also at 19.98. Women’s race was a blowout most of the way but Solomon came on strong at the end.

I trust you taped them?

Sorry, I didn’t catch them on tape. I was messing around on my PC and Chris Berman just cut in during the ball game…they just showed the 200m ‘in progress’ for the men (only showed from 50m-200m)

dont know if this has been posted yet…

USATF mens data with 10m segs

That data is a long way off… it can not be correct. Take Gatlin for example


Firstly, he isnt going to slow down from 60-70 (.87 from 2x.86) then speed up to a massive .83! then have a slow down to .87 again, then slow to a .90 and speed up in the last 10m segment to a .87!

The curve is all over the place. Take the data as you wish though…