Video of Block Starts and Accels?

Hey guys.

Anyone have close up videos of athletes blocks starts and or acceleration that you can post?

Thanx in advance.

Here you go. They don’t come any better than this guy.

Sorry it’s a bit big for the bandwidth challenged, but worth it.

THANX! i was actually looking for that clip.

would you happen to have anything from the side view?

I hope los will forgive me for posting links to his site without his permition:

Edmonton 2001 - Mo from the front in slow-motion.

Edmonton 2001 - 100m final side-view- great clip

I found links to these on another board.

Not a prob Thor

does anyone have ben’s slow-mo from the back, or do they know where that thread is?

Damn didnt work. I have Ben’s start with view from the back but can’t post it.

Done. See above.

hey dcw,
do you happen to have the sydney 2000 olympic games 100metres
in full. I will appreciate that.