(VIDEO) HSI John Smith Drills Session with Jon Drummond


Interesting concept by John’s “pizza box” drills.


Interesting insights by Smith. He definitely sounds very persuasive when he talks. Regarding the drill, I’ll give it ago tomorrow. Trial and error usually works best with drills. I think one important factor, that is not risen. Smith does A +B skips in reps 18 x 30m up and down the track.

Thanks for the vid! I love John Smith but I don’t get the pizza box drill…and I thought he wasn’t a big fan of drills

Reminds me of the delivery exercises from the '90 TAC Jr Sprint Project (Korchemny, et al).

Do you have a copy of that book?

I believe the evaluation report was presented in Track Coach (USATF). We took notes during the '94 Jr Elite which made reference to it.

The link’s not working for me. Anyone else struggled with it?

What browser do you use? download firefox. You should have no problems after that.

Smith does drills differently. You actually get a workout from the way he has them set up.

charlie has something similar in his power speed drills video (which is a good video) while performing any drill the arms are similar but the athlete is holding a weight. And as he has said before can be performed as a workout if the abilities to sprint due to weather or what not arent available

It is my understanding that Mach drills are designed for specific strength and flexibility and NOT to improve form.

I do. Nothing special and extremely disjointed. It was quickly deposited in the surplus book box in the basement.

my computer won’t play the video properly. could someone possibly provide a quick run down on the contents??

I downloaded firefox, it seems quicker actually, but hasn’t helped me watch this video. Says the page can’t be found.

Try downloading the video from this location:

Yes I got it now. Cheers guys!

Great Vid…JS is a very passionate guy…u can’t help but listen when he talks…commands alot of respect. Would be great to see the whole video…