VIDEO - Carl Lewis vs. Mr.Karate Man

Too funny


Great dialog …

But Rupert - it was hard to concetrate on the skilled acting … I kept being distracted by your avatar …

Yes, the avatar was very distracting…

Carl actually seemed like he was trying for the Samual l Jackson feel??

What movie is that from?

Well… it didn’t work LOL. I was cringing, I felt my self feeling embarrassed for Carl. See with Samuel, it just flows with Carl, well…Carl is just…Carl. Especially after seeing his music video, he’s going to have to raise his game…

WOW, what an avatar Rupert… I could sit here all day just watching that…mesmerising.

Carl was close on it. Its a “b” movie, he had the look…Mr. Karate Man kinda sucked monkey butt.

I’d give Carl a 5 for this performance.

Anyone got any others we can critique?


go to
select english language
select acting reel
select dial up or high speed

shows his full range

from pimp to dramatic dialogue to …

His Movies:
Tournament of Dreams (2007) … Darnel
Material Girls (2006) … “People” Reporter
The Last Adam (2006) … Brian Jones
Alien Hunter (2003) … Grisham
Atomic Twister (2002) (TV) … Securityman Stu
Speed Zone! (1989) … Jogger/Himself
… aka Cannonball Fever
Dirty Laundry (1987) … Miami Cop 1

One of the baddest sprinter’s of all-time.