Video Analysis help??

Hi there,
i took some video clips of myself and a friend sprinting over a short distance.
We play a sport similiar in demands to soccer so arent concerned with sprint start position or even top speed, mainly acceleration over 30m - 40m.
We’re both about the same 30m time even though in our sport he would be considered much faster in matches. Im much stronger than him however.

im in the white top. im 22, 81kg 5 10, 10% BF, been training and lifting weights for ages. im bought the gpp dvd and am just starting into it. i also compete kinda in the OL lifts but i havent broke 100kg yet on the c+j.

i really am determined to get faster but i spose i was born slow and find it hard to get faster. Any analysis at all would help but if charlie got a look it’d be great. the pic is a bit grainy and im hoping to get a better camera soon.

thanks for your help…

ps you need quicktime installed to view files.

Seems like you arent brining up your knees enough and your feet are dropping flat, try running on the “ball” of your feet and try to make a quick “pawback” action (when your foot is out infront then coming back to strike the ground) to reduce ground contanct time with your toes up/out arm movements seem abit choppy, try to put your arm in more of a 90 degree angle at the elbow and focus more on pumping them down instead of back.

you have very limited backside mechanics, which isnt good for acceleration.

Thanks very much.

DanielC - yes i see that myslef now that i have it on tape about the knees. im working on the drills to help improve this

cockysprinter - i can see your point also from the clip but how do i remedy this? Flexibility work? What specifically?

J you guys look like gaelic players right!???

i viewed your clip and from what i can see is a major problem with the vast majority of athletes-----they try to turn over too fast.while you are trying this you are fighting/going against the grain leading to tightness leading to a whole array of other problems.

my advice…especially with yourself i would try to get more extension/you are really choppy with your with time your stride lenght will increase as you get accustomed to sprinting and elasticity/strenght but for now try to relax.

where abouts are you?

Yeah we are. hurlers!!
Kinda good too in our own heads anyway.
What you all say amke sense but how can i actually apply it in my training? I mean i would literally do anything for get faster. If it means training 30 times a week i’ll do it. I really ready to work hard but i just dont know what to do. Apart from the gpp dvd i’ve very little to help me with my technique.
Its all well and good saying to relax but when i do i run even slower if that possible.
I can only do 13s for the 100m and 4.8 for the 40yrd :-((

We’re living in dublin btw but not from there.

thanks again

J PM me.i’m gonna help both you and your friend to get faster period…

tell me all you do from start to finish…BTW why do all you guys wear the socks full lenght :smiley:

That´s the problem, you don´t need train 30x a week, actualy, at the beginning you should start very easy since you´re much more head ( will ) than physical ( technical & strenght level ). First thing to work over is: don´t worry man, i started just like you, just like you, and now, i know that, to be a sprinter, you must be very very very very very very very very very very very patient, you got it ? :cool:

actually my bad. i only watched the first video with a guy in a blue shirt. i dont think this is you. but the athlete there had limited backside mechanics as i stated. one way to remedy this is to focus on arm swing and pushing out the back. i dont make use of many drills so its hard for me to help you out there. your arm doesnt swing far behind your torso, which will limit your ability to run faster.

Thanks for all your help.
I’ve recently started some weight training OL stlye and have been getting lots of tech help on all things weights really.
Ive discovered my deadlift was more of a front good morning with rounded back than anything else. Hence my terrrible pain when i run after them. I’ve huge hypertrophy in everything in my lower back and need to address that asap so im starting an improved flexibility regime and getting it all correct this time. also doing loads of upper back work to address imbalance and i can feel an improvement already.
So lots of work to do on the weights and flexibility side of things

University of Limerick shorts?

Not a very efficient style - I’d say poor posterior chain strength.

Your sprints are an attempt at a constant acceleration phase - As X says ‘trying too hard’

True - rear extension is poor - but that’s manifestations of poor flexibility and strength, I’d also say that with such a style its likely psoas and h/s’s are very tight on both athletes.

OK here we go … I’m feeling generous and since Charlie has helped me so much here I want to give a something back - limited though as it is …

John -
Courtesy of Charlie and the forum - One session of therapy can be arranged for FREE - in Meath - (probably a 1 hour drive for you).

[It’s not exactly Dr. Mike, Charlie and Toronto - but you can report back after.]

I’ll extend the offer to anyone else passing through Ireland - we’ll see what we can do - a special offer to members only though.

hey 23 great to see you back. co.meath!! what you at this weather PM me

oh my god, are you serious?
how can i find out more about this??

As X-man says - pm me.

I’m a little busy just now but I’ll reply as soon as I can.

[X - I’ll drop you a line when I get a little time - I’ll explain it all - long story - but yes - the clinic is up and running in Meath. ]

Or guys actually just email me @