Video: 40-yard start thoughts

Figured this was a good forum to post this for a little friendly debate. Thoughts and friendly and helpful comments?

nothing special typical of most places like that, i dont really care much for the stance maybe 3-4yrs ago i would have used that stance but not anymore.

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I thought the video was ok but I don’t know much about the specifics of the 40 dash.

In his set position, note where his hips are in relation to his front foot. Where is the force going to go as he extends the hips?

Also, I don’t like having the left arm sticking up in the air like a flag. For hand timed 40’s you can usually get a slightly better time if you can disguise the start a bit. Keep the hand near your hip and the clocks won’t start as soon.

I agree too. With the bunched start, the hips have to be low to keep the front knee angles ~90. At some combines, there are rules on where the front foot can be (i.e Indy, the front foot has to be back about 6 inches or so). I switched to Charlies elbow out arm flick (Fund 1) and it helps alot. I don’t see any football guys do that. It’s all arc’d

you know honestly i dont usually see a big difference of were my front foot is in the 40yrd dash but i do see a difference based on where my back foot is. I dont mean that my front foot is like a foot back or nothing stupid like that, im just saying that i find more of a result if i have my rear foot a lil bit closer to my take off leg, and no im not slow in the 40yrd dash, so i have a clue to what im talking bout, but im not saying im an expert just saying what works for me. P.S. he did seem a little crouched in his hip.

Re: Sparq launcher…
What in the hell? lol
Whats the differerence between that and the bullet belt?

Seems too close to me. I hate how they teach this. All these 40yd experts preach this because your closer to the line and they think this means you will have a shorter distance to run which means you’ll run faster. Personally I use two and a half foot steps from the line for my front foot and then place my back foot where ever it is comfortable.

As for speed being one of the main things he is correct. But not entirely correct. The actual ability to play weighs the most. You could shock a coach though with a really, really fast 40. Even a not so fast 40. For instance:

I was at bishop fenwick hs in peobody ma for the philadelphia soul try out. (Arena football 1) It was 41 degrees out a strong head wind. My friend ran 4.4 on grass. Smoked everyone. Even the arena 1 guys were running high 4.8-4.9s. Terrible conditions. Wind chill had to be around 20 degrees outside.

I was next to all the head coaches who were impressed but they didnt sign him. He did get offers for arena football 2 though but not what he wanted. Anyone who broke 5.0 however on grass was invited back for a second look. Then from the original number of 100-200 kids they kept around 30. They had these 30 kids scrimmage for over two hours. Out of the 30 three or four were definites, arena football guys already in the leugue. Then maybe 4 or 5 were new guys. Local stars ect. They still had to perfrom athletically, catching balls, running routes ect.

I was wearing a patriots cap. Im pretty sure these coaches thought I was from the pats. They let me time the athletes ect. It was really interesting. One coach was saying how one year a white kid ran 4.5 on grass like ten years ago. If they have it next year Ill attend and try an obtain some results. Maybe Ill run just for fun or get some video on it.

I love “friendly” debate. :slight_smile:

Nice little facility he has there. Who is this guy?

Yea this video sucks. He looks like …usually I have good analogies but I can’t come up with anything for his position. His angles are all wrong. He’d be MUCH faster if he immitated a sprinters block position and drove off the balls of his feet.

On top of that, he’s starting way to close. These are electronic timers…why not start 3-5 feet back so once you tip the clock your already well on your way (or is there a limit to how far back? Someone please enlighten me)