Video: 100m - Olympics 1984 Los Angeles

1st: Carl Lewis (USA) 9.99
2nd: Sam Graddy (USA) 10.19
3rd: Ben Johnson (CAN) 10.22

all i can say is “after-burners”

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funny thinking that even 19 years ago, on a softer, slower track, carl still ran fast enough to win the 2003 world champs

Bullet Bob Hayes ran fast enough, back in 1964 on a wet chewed up dirt track, to win the 2003 World Champs!!!

at altitude…


LA isn’t at altitude and Tokyo certainly isn’t at altitude.

my mistake prohet - wasnt thinking properly.

it’s ok. i had to think about it for a second too.

Carl’s buttocks are at altitude.

Damn Carl was good. But, Ben to me is the fastest 100m man ever and considering how he BSed the last part of his 9.79 he probably could have ran faster. But Carl is just the man when it comes to being a great track and field athlete.

Thanks for the video!!!