vibram 5 fingers

Hey, just wondering if anyone has tried vibram 5 finger “foot gloves”. And if so, what is their experience. Was thinking about getting some for tempo days. Thanks

Haven’t personally but know some who have them and love them however I don’t recall them ever doing barefoot tempo work before so maybe it is more down to that than the 5 fingers. Seems an expensive alternative to barefoot to me…

Thanks. But I need to protect my feet if I am to try and run on grass since you never know what you may step on. And a little warmth in the cold can help. But I was just listening to something about grounding. I do love the idea of my feet on mother earth.

One of my masters training partners uses them, but she was getting a lot of achilles issues when running tempo using these on the track.

If you stick to the grass (but make sure you know the strip you’re running on, turning your ankle is easy in these!) you should be fine, but I don’t think they should replace running flats entirely.

i bought a pair of bikila’s back in june and i’ve been using them ever since. they are my everyday shoes and i use them for my general warmup on the track, buildups and sprint work on grass. love them and recommend them to everyone i meet.

Be very careful. Use them sparingly for drills and easy, low-volume runs on soft-surfaces as a periodic alternative. Unless you weigh less than a buck-fifty, you could run into trouble.

A buck fifty-well, I am well over that mark! I am 5’8 265lbs. I have lost 60lbs I am happy to say using sprint training as my template for getting back into shape. But I still have another 40lbs to go to be where I need to be. So maybe they would not be a good thing for me then.