Very similar to Surge

ProSource has a new post wokout supplement called Aftermass that is very similar to Biotest Surge but slightly cheaper. $33.95 for 16 servings. Any opinions? I would like to give it a try.

What is your performance level and what other supplements and vitamins are you using?

Sophmore decathlete PR’s
11.03 23’5 42’4 6’7 48.9
14.47 125’6 13’1 146 4:50
40g protein mixed with frozen berries, 5g glutamine, 3g creatine and Usana multi after workout
30g protein, 5g glutamine and Usana multi before bed

we covered this in the zma thread, becareful when taking knock off products. with as much at stake as you do, is it worth the risk of 1. lower grade ingredients 2. risk of contamination.