very low work capacity

Hello everyones, my question is very simple. I want to train and i love to train and I do have some fantastic results from time to time. My problem is only that I have very poor work capacity.

Started in october 10m in spikes was 1,90s

I am now at 1,53s from the blocs, but I can only do that once a week. When I try twice a week I regress and things go bad. Things have always been like that, even in the weight room.

For now, here is my schedule:

6 feet tall, 210lb, around 10-12%bf

sunday: rest
monday: upper body weight
tuesday: slow tempo + abs
wednesday: rest
thursday: 10-30m from the blocks (stop at slight drop-off) ex: 0,05s off
very low volume of weight or not at all If I am too tired

friday: slow tempo + abs
saturday: rest

Whats your diet like? How much do you sleep? How much do you work? What kind of work do you do? How stressed are you in general? Both personal relationship stress and work stress? When was the last time you had blood work done?

It sounds to me like its not the training but some other factor contributing to recovery and competing stress.

sleep 8-9h a day

eat well for my hunger: don’t starve or anything

blood was done one year ago and in a huge period of stress blood kicked ass! lol

I was the same for weight training, I never benched 300 until I trained the UB juste once a week.

two weeks easy, two weeks hard pattern

Do you play a sport besides doing track? And what about the day to day stresses of life?

Could just be your body’s natural cycle if no conflicting stressors can be identified.

What kind of volume do you sprint when you do your accel? How is your basic fitness?

lately It’s been around this:

total volume:
less than 200m

While this may not be a factor, I’m wondering why you don’t train sprints first in the week, while you’re completely fresh. One other note, you are doing quite a low volume of accel/sprint work, which may be the reason for you’re low work capacity.

Also, how are you timing these 10-30m reps? Considering timing errors, a .05 drop off might include something that’s not a drop off at all.

I train later in the weeks because I work until 9p.m in the start of the week (2-9) very low stress job

usually laser gate

for the lower volume, yeah I agree completely, I think too that my volume is very low, but higher than this, things go backwards. Maybe will try to add one day of tempo 800m

btw - for the drop-off I usually try another one just to see If It’s really a drop-off except If It reach higher numbers (aka 0,10 or higher)

You might just have a poor nervous system?
You might find Less demanding nervous system sport, such as distance running or cycling more to your bodys ability??

a long distance runner 300 bench, 450 squat, 550 deadlift

I am a lot better with speed and strength than endurance, I hate endurance

I may just lack some conditionning, I was looking for some who have deal with my “condition”

Who knows what your condition really is? Esp over a forum.
I’m just throwing ideas at you.
There could be a million reasons why. One guy i know, used to be a great Middle distance runner, ran a 35min 10km also. Could not handle sprints volume at all. He has since stopped and can bench 200kg now.

His body nervous make up is not suited to short sprints - tis why i mentioned it.

Im not so crazy to say “THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM” Just giving you an example.

Could be
nutrition - not just volume of food, there is a million things in food that make you feel crap.
chemical stress
emotional stress
Postural alignment issues
ect ect

Your best bet is to find a Top Level coach in person and get him to figure it out.

those are some pretty strong numbers in the gym. Are you doing too much hypertrophy work? Your probably a thick guy not built for conditioning and endurance but rather those short explosions like you are training with.

Are you capable of completing more “normal” track workouts like 6X60 or 4X150 (with, say, 15 min)?

Also, what kind of bench or squat numbers can you do in the gym after sprinting?

How often to you bench or squat heavy?

Assuming you don’t have something like anemia or mono, wondering if:

(a) There is simply a lack of conditioning;
(b) You have pushed your CNS too far with heavy weights.

I agree this might be a concern, as you said you were not able to bench 300 until you dropped to 1 day upper body per week. This sounds like over training followed by a rebound after you tappered back. You might drop all lower weights for a couple of weeks. I think you are already doing more tempo than you need considering you are doing only 200m of accel per week.

Bench once a week never bench after sprint

squat i do the same after, except when It’s speed endurance fatigue I am fried.

normal training, did not do training like that since maybe two years…like 6x60m 8min rest between

bench heavy one week out of two, squat only go with feeling of what track have been. Iam a huge quads dominant so I try just to maintain stats

I think I have a huge lack of conditionning, any ideas now that I am one month and a half away from provincials?

big detail I forgot, I have some detraining, someone in family died and I didn’t train for 4 weeks (during the gpp time).