VERY little warm-up time

First off I want to thank everyone on this site for all of your useful information because thanks to everything I’ve read here I was the fastest guy at the MLB combine I went to. I was asked to come to another one which will be next week. My problem is however that they only gave us 5 minutes to warm up before our two 60yd sprints. I tried stretching and warming up way before the combine even started but they made us sit in the bleachers for 45 minutes to do registration. Having sat down for so long I wasn’t warm anymore and they only gave us 5 minutes to warm up. I’ve searched all over this site and others but haven’t come across any fast warm up methods so I am curious if you folks know of any way I could possibly warm up properly in such a short time frame because we HAVE to sit down for the whole registration period (I asked if I could start warming up early and they said no). Thanks in advance!

There are no fast warm-up methods. What you described is similar to Charlie’s story about the Olympics. The athletes do their warm-up and then they’re taken back to the locker room to wait for about 30 min. and then there are about 5 minutes on the track to get loosened up.

The key is maintaining the warm-up during the waiting period. Do you have a sweat suit you can wear while you’re waiting? At this time of year that should definitely help keep your body temperature elevated.

This is also where the long term adaptation to low intensity tempo running comes in handy. The increased capillary density that results from the tempo work allows for increased circulation throughout the muscles, which can help maintain an elevated temperature over a longer duration.

I hadn’t read that story of Charlie’s yet as my funds are limited and I have only read a couple of the books so far. Yes I do have a sweat suit however I might die trying to warm up in that, lol. I noticed that you are from Dallas Flash and my tryout is in Kilgore…I’m from Wichita Falls. The tryout starts at 9am and its usually around 85 degrees by that time around here as you know, but I don’t guess I would overheat, atleast I hope not. I have only been doing tempo work for about 6-8 weeks now since I started reading about it on here and I have definitely noticed a difference. Hopefully it will carry me through a little better at this tryout. Thanks for your info Flash!

Charlie’s story isn’t in his books, it was on the forum.

Don’t warm-up in the sweat suit. You’ll burst into flames. Put it on after the warm-up while you’re waiting.

Congrats on the performance keep it up.