vertical leap

I´m a Student from Germany.I study sports and I`m very interested in the enhancement of jumping in the vertical direction. My question is now, if you are a good jumper (it doesn´t matter which sort you do-basketball,volleyball,track and field…),what are the best 3 exercises for gaining more vertical leap? It doesn´t matter what kind of exercises(strength training,jumping exercises,isometric training…).Please write me which exercise you prefer, the intensity,the volume(sets,repetitions),and how often one should do it in a week.
It would be helpful to, if write me how experienced you are in this area and what , if possible which height your Jump-And-Reach Test is, when you do a Counter-Movement-Jump.
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I think the hang pull, high pull (from the ground), deadlift and jump squats are the best weight training exercises for vertical leap. That’s what I would do if I wanted a high vertical. you are asking for a lot of information and I’m about to go to bed. When I was 21 my standing vertical was 33inches. There are some guys on this forum with much bigger jumps. when my vertical was 33in, I was not doing the exercises I mentioned above. I was simply playing a lot of basketball, did knee bend jumps, repetative double leg vertical hops(touching palm of hand on basketball rim with each jump). my fully stretched reach was 8ft,1in. a more relaxed reach would have been 8ft or 7ft11in(like how most athletes measure there reach.) I could jump up and touch 10ft10in without any preminarly steps. I did a 39.5in jump of a run up. I know a lot more now than I did 6 years ago and I reckon I could get a standing vertical above 36 if I wanted. I haven’t trained for 3 months. I would lift 3 to 5 days per weak(no other training) using high pulls, deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, hang pulls, squat jumps, double leg hops all for 2sets of 5 (not all in the same day) if I just wanted a high vertical. Intensity would be very high, I wouldn’t want to think I could do more than 6 reps for any of the exercises I’d do 5 reps with (except for jump squats.)

Best exercises - full squat (both heavy and speed sets), power snatch from the hang, jump squats, power jerks and depth jumps

plus lots of jumping practise.

squats, jump squats, oly lifts, alternate leg bounds and double leg bounds over hurdles, to improve standing vert and running vert. Reps of 5 and under for weights and plyos (5 or less per leg for alternate leg bounds). Also vertical jumping practice, especially after performing the above. My standing verts about 37 but I don’t train for it; I just do it sometimes in my warmup.

:afro:cool, i got a question, if i do only one set of back squat, between full and parallel, which one would be better for verticle?

I say full - why? because your glutes are more activated.
The glutes and erectors make up about 40-50% of jumping power

It’s also a safer place to reverse the squat as far as the knees go - don’t bounce however. Also the range of motion is longer, which aids flexibility and strength gains.

You use lighter weights as well which is good for safety reasons - overload the prime movers while the synergists don’t have to work as hard and fatigue early with the lighter loads.

For foundational purpose full squats are it. Jumpsquats will be used to work the top half.

:cool:thanks, coolcolj, by the way, I’m Tony on dr.squat’s forum, hah. u know mad stuff, man. that’s koo. Hey, by the way, is parallel squat also called 1/2 squat?