Vertical Jump Testing-2 handed???????

Where I work it appears as our vertical jump testing protocol is done using the vertect but you must jump with your 2 hands together (which is the same way you do the reach which I have done before).

Has anyone seen it done this way before. Do you guys know how hard it is to dunk a basketball with 2 hands!!!
I think a 2 handed vert and a regular may be a difference of 6-8 inches!!! I am trying to get this changed but apparently someone told me this is how it was done this year at the combine as well. Is there any truth to this madness?
Not only does this kill an athletes confidence when a 36 inch vert. athlete jumps 28 inches but it looks terrible on paper if 2 handed isnt specified for college coaches offering scholarships.
I was playing around with it today and tried with 2 hands and only managed 26 inches. I then did 1 handed and went 32 without any prior warmup. Im sure I could have gone a little higher with 2 hands then 26 but stilll… look at the difference.

there shouldn’t be any difference, between the actual heights jumped

there is a difference in reach, but the distance between the floor and feet should be the same.

there is only a 3inch difference in reach for me when jumping 2handed vs one handed. And that’s because you can tilt one shoulder higher in a one handed jump.

As long as the reach and jump method used are the same, then it should be the same either way.

you probbaly just lack practise, and a difference in technique

It has alot to do with shoulder extension. I have found that alot of track athletes have had troubles using vertec style machines simply because they struggle with shoulder flexibility. In this way a certain amount of technique can come into a vertical jump - which I think is bullshit. Unfortuantly It is hard to get around - I’v heard of force plates used by the AIS that actually measure force + air time to calculate verticals. Sounds ssweet.

vertical jumps on force plates are also a lot lower too…

probably more accurate :wink:

I usually see how high I can get my head above the ceiling on my gym :smiley:
Then there are no problems with reaching etc

That’s pretty unusual, Quik.

“Is there any truth to this madness?”

Not that I’ve heard of. As far as I know football was the usual 2 hand coached underreaching to 1 hand highest touch. And basketball rookies got one step.

It makes sense that the actual distance jumped “should” be the same from 2 hand reach to 2 hand touch and 1 hand reach to 1 hand touch, but due to shoulder flexibility issues, that’s rarely the case. They’re kind of cheating athletes who will be compared to last year’s crop if that’s really taking place.

They did a two hand reach at the combine with a one hand jump. Nothing like getting 4 or 5 “bonus” inches on your vertical jump!

We did a vertical jump experiment in grad school, comparing a jump measured with a vertec and also a force plate. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember how accurate our experiment was, but we used various means of measuring reach and found that the most accurate reach height was obtained by standing on the tips of your toes and reaching with both hands.

Jay, I went to a combine this year JUNE 4th, in Baltimore and I can tell you I did not jump with two hands, nor did any of the other 300 athletes that were there. The reach height is measured either hand over hand or with a ruler on the wall (we did one hand on wall)( measuring your total reach height). The total reach height is then subtracted from the total jump height, both in inches. Athletes were allowed to use either left or right hands to hit the taps. FYI the best tested vert at my particular combine was 46 inches, which I believe might have been the highest this year? Im sure some of you guys can check on that.

P.S. I know it was a legit 46 inches because I was watching him, actually I think he got gyped a bit.

Damn man!! I had my doubts bout that 46 inch guy. Db right? Thats sick. What did you jump.?

I got 34 inches without really training for it. The reason I say his 46 inches was ligit was 1) I watched it
2) He got the 139 inch mark (i.e. touched the 11 1/2 ft. mark)
3) It was measured from his stretched arm against a wall, therefore he couldn’t cheat with his reach.

It was cool to watch though:) And yes he was a DB, but I never got matched up with him. FYI best WR tests were as follows:

225- 18 Reps
40- 4.37
20 yard shuttle- 3.92
VJ- 46 inches

All but the VJ by the same guy, they were both beasts…ciao!

Nice Nice. Good info.
I’ve gotten 20 on the 225 test and if the 40 is hand timed could run a 4.39-4.44 40 and I’ve gone 4.1 in the pro agilty. Im pretty sure I can get up to 34 in the vert. Also my SLJ without warming up was .5 over my pr 9’3.5.
However… at the combine my size would killlllll me!!! Anyone know what score I would get weighing in at 155 at 5’7???
And with these scores to play it safe.

I am thinking about going back top playing football and playing for my counties semi pro team next year. I wonder what my score would look like at the combine.

BTW…what were you other stats and score?

WTF - if I measured my VJ like that then getting a 40+inch VJ would be a peice of cake…!! :rolleyes:

Especially the taller guys would get even more like that…

Force plates and jump pads don’t measure the extra toe off distance hense why they measure lower.

damn that guy would be a dunking machine! :cool:

head would be Rim level…

wonder if he can jump even higher with a runup :eek:

Yea, Jay, your size wouldnt get you too much considering at 5’11" and 182 I was “average” size of WR who went there. Another thing about the tests were that they were very picky. If you didn’t lock out on bench or used excessive bouncing, the rep didn’t count. If you didn’t touch the lines on pro agility, the test didn’t count. So, I must say that every test there is very legit considering the poeple most likely all practiced better than they tested. Great all around ability I might add!

You may want to work on the 40 a little less and the pro a little more. That 40 is excellent, but some coaches look for about a .4 to .5 difference between the 40 and pro. I actually had a receiver run a sub 4.1 pro with a 4.7 ish 40. He has great lateral ability. Possession reciever. Do you video? Maybe there is some little thing you can see that could get you there. Great numbers nevertheless. I learned that from a speed guy who used to work with the Jets. These numbers can drive you crazy. Read the D, run the route, adapt to the D, catch the ball.

thanx Dave.
I only did the pro agilty ONCE! lol.
I did it at work I was just playing around with a few techniques. Do any of you do the Hockey stop? Where I work we teach that COD Technique. I think its slower and you spend too much time in the air and skid. I like how Defranco teaches it.

You only did it once! Wow. Quik you will rip! Nice. Very nice. I have Joe D’s tape and prefer his approach. Great time, keep it up. Any AFL chances?

Yes I like Joes video alot. He is a good guy as well. Always answers my emails.

As far as football next year. Haven’t given it much thought. Im just looking to get much stronger and get ready for what I am hoping to be my best year in track and field ever. I think what I am goin to do is go to the combine in April. And plan on playing for my counties semi pro team. Pretty much anyone can play. As far as AFL or anything like that I guess depending on how I do at the combine they’ll contact me to try out. Keep in mind I havent played football in 4 years and I am only 5’7 155 pounds. It is decieving as you can see from my avatar but still 155 pounds tends to get tossed around a bit playing with the big boys.