vertical jump shoes to wear while testing

what type of shoes do you guys think are the best to wear when testing for the vertical jump?
Or does it even matter?

The lighter the better. Racing flats normally used by distance runners are super light (5-10 ounces).

just dont wear steel toe caps and you’ll be fine…

After reading Defrancos article about wearing flats or spikes I was going to try it. That was until our coach decided to have us test out in the dance studio which has a gym floor. Anyway, instead of using some old broken in running shoes I put on my patent leather air jordans which I hardly wear. They felt tight on my feet, had alot of support and alot of spring compared to my flat nike air max 04"'s. See for yourself. BTW I jumped 32" which isnt too bad and I also did the SLJ in the same shoes and went 9’3.

In all fairness, the Nike Air Max '04 is a heavy, and awful shoe . . .


I dunno if there heavy but its def an awful shoe. I prefer my shox. The air max 04" have no support and feel real flat and tend to move around on my feet.

I would think it’s more relevant to use the same shoes any time you test like that you have an accurate account of your progress then to use the best possible shoes for a one time best. Unless your sport is vertical jumping you shouldn’t be this worried about your overall result. For sprinting this should be only an indicator so all that matters is uniform conditions, you could jump barefeet for that matter.