Vertical Jump Numbers for Females.

Simple question for those who have coached females from all different types of sports.
What is a good vertical for female athletes in comparison to men.

In my opinion if you are over 27 inches as a male you are ok. Over 30 is pretty good. And over 32 is great. Over 34 is considered elite.

My best females jump around 20-21 inches. Is that equal to around 30 for males?


P.S. I am talking about standing vertical jump with no drop step or approach.

For a standing jump at the high school level, 21-24 is considered to be very good for girls at least 15-years old. 17-20 is average to slightly above average. 13-16 is getting pretty bad. Below that and you need to start cross-country. Most of my work is with volleyball players so obviously we need to consider the nature of their sport.

Also what needs to be considered is what is the height necessary to be successful. For instance, net height for volleyball is about 8 feet and to hit well at the varsity level, you’ve got to be at least 8’6" to 9’0" hitting (depending on style/technique). So for a max. height jump (for VB players an approach jump), minimum jump height for an elite outside hitter should be around 9’6". That way you avoid giving too much credit to the girl who’s 5’-nothing but has a 24" jump (which only goes to around 9’0 to 9’2" depending on reach, on average).