Vern Gambetta

This line by Gambetta makes me think he isn’t that bright, or as Kaczmarski reported to us, he is just too full of himself.

“I do not know what was done with in regard to the Bulls, because I left soon after that to go to work for the White Sox.”

Why wouldn’t you call up Al Vermeil or visit him and find out what WAS done in regard to the Bulls??? It obviously worked well.

Gambetta also claimed that HE and not Al had the individual players filmed, however, Al ordered them.
Just for the record, in 1995-6, the Bulls went 72 and 10, a league record, with one of the two oldest teams after Als in season program was made mandatory.

I think they also had some guy named Jordan, who may have helped out a little.

I think someone has some 'splaining to do.



and who was it that reviewed the white sox programs that lead to Gambetcha being fired :wink:

Okay, Nanny, who? I am getting lost in this discussion.

Someone we know Nanny?

I will attempt to search, but what well known coaches do you trust?

Obviously Vern and Charles P have talked crap previously about things