Velocity Sports Performance?

Is anyone familiar with this franchise? I see they have some reputable people involved, and they are actively marketing among HS football programs in my area. Has anyone had any experience with them?

Got any links? Names of the reputable folks involved?

It’s Loren Seagrave’s company. Like I said, they’re aggressively marketing to HS football programs, offering all sorts of free clinics, analysis and the like.

Seagrave hey? Claw! Claw! Toe up, Heel Up, Knee Up! Elbows back!

“Coach Seagrave has coached such sprint talents as Donovan Bailey”

“Coach Seagrave’s coaching experience includes other sports including football, baseball, basketball, soccer and ice hockey. Since 1998, he has worked as a speed and conditioning coach with the Atlanta Falcons, and consults regularly with the Detroit Lions and other NFL teams. Some of his NFL pupils include Dorsey Levens (Packers); Marco Coleman (Redskins); Willie Clay (Saints); Terrell Davis (Broncos); and Hershel Walker. Coach Seagrave worked with numerous distance runners and triathletes concentrating on increasing running efficiency and decreasing oxygen cost of running.”

Oh well, I guess he has to make a living too.


I don’t know much about him. I’m a football coach, and an advocate of Francis, Morris, 62, Tate, Defranco, et. al, both in my own training and in that of my players. The other guy involved is Duane Carlisle, whom I see criticized in the (awesome) John Davies thread. Not to rehash, but is there a short version to be heard regarding these two fellows?

We have a fundamental disagreement regarding the technique promoted there. (Donovan was there briefly after a falling out with Pfaff, had no big results, and went back to Pfaff in a hurry) Herb used this system. Why not ask Herb how the system worked out for him?

From the tone of these replies, I assume badly.

And what of Duane Carlisle?

Sorry, don’t know him

I wasn’t certain whether he was well known or not. I saw a remark critical of him in the John Davies thread, however, but that’s the only reference to the man I’ve found in these forums.

Short version…others take ideas not their own, and repackage them giving no credit to those who deserve it.

Regarding the Speed Dynamics of Seagrave, I am a good athlete and can change my form within a few practices, I used his sprinting and hurdling form extensively…for years and years. I had the videos memorized for the most part and would spew back to my own athletes the form and technique there promoted. The results…low hips, low hips, slow running, no hind brain sprinters. I went to a Charlie Francis seminar and implemented his version of sprinting which was so simple I am still kicking myself for not thinking logically about this whole thing. Charlie gives a wonderful description of sprinting in his book Speed Trap and for $10 bucks you can’t go wrong! In fact, in the words of a preacher man I know in regards to certain books, “Get a copy, it is worth a thousand dollars!” If you get the e-book, I can tell you what chapter to look in.

Duane Carlisle is another charlatan who was based in my neck of the woods. He made outrageous claims of being the Philadelphia Eagles speed coach as well as doing the same with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. That must have been hard to do living in NJ all year round. He got “big” when he was the only conditioning coach in the area and had week-long speed camps for 50 kids at one time. Half the time he wasn’t there and had one of his flunkies run the show. He’d showed up for the cameras and thats it. He hooked his wagon to Ron Dayne when he came out of Wisconsin. Parents were foolish to spend money on his cookie cutter workouts. He got out of Dodge quickly after he was exposed a while back. The last time I smelled his stench of ignorance was when I happened to stumble upon a Perform Better workshop at the Philly convention center while I was there at the car show.

Myself being 6’6" and 300 bills he gave me his sales pitch and an embarassing attempt to convince me that he knew who I was. I suppose he thought I was a “somebody” and I needed his help. Little did he know I have the athletic ability of a sloth.

I hear he may be laying low at the Lawrenceville School in NJ.
Find him here:

Will the last guru please turn off the light?

Alright Herb, Which Chapter.

I know I’ve read it but I’m feeling lazy

Duane was a speed coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for a season before Kevin Harmon left the Rochester Red Wings. The devil ray organization has had some great guys involved and much of my college learning process came from Kevin and Ken. Ron Porterfield is also a guy that should be up in the majors. Here I was getting a large stipend to eat like a king, workout anytime I want, and learn how to do the real things in strength and conditioning…all between classes.

What people don’t understand is that it isn’t easy making money coaching and guys get married and have kids. Many go to HIT because it is “safe” and that is something I can’t do. When you see teachers making 45 grand a year and you are getting paid 18,000 working more hours the call for videos and facilities is hard to pass up. Duane is a very nice guy and I have bumped into him many times (SWIS, Texas SAQ, and NSCA locations) and took the time to help me create contacts in order to get better.

I think something that is very important when discussing Velocity is who is doing the coaching? I know many people who work for velocity some are very good coaches and some are not. So they could have JC himself writing the program but if the minions aren’t getting it done on the track or in the weight room does it matter? I am not saying Velocity is good or bad but it depends on the coach.

and took the time to help me create contacts in order to get better.

What was in it for him?

Ask him Thomas…I just tell it how I see it.

RE: John Davies-The only guy I have direct experience was with a tight end that was with the Bengals that worked with John Davies in California…I trained him and a special teams player during the summer of 2001…after talking to his agent (Star Rep in Cleveland was the agency) I was told that John Davies kept the meal money given for the athletes during combine prep for himself. Perhaps Damian Vaughn could go into more details…

That is all I know about John Davies from a rather direct contact but who knows…

Another important thing with Velocity Franchises is that you check each location’s webiste. All most all would have you believe that L S is only at that particular location every day. The question being, Who is running things there and Who is your little Timmy going to be actually trained by?

There are some local folks with them that would be worth working with. Steve Pilsk formerly at Yale was running a franchise in Conn last I looked.

But most of this is not unlike running a SUBWAY franchise.
Have a facility, insurances, some equipment and always teach to the bible of the firm…oh, and remember that you are indentured.

Just like say opening a high end Steak house, the key for them is to locate their franchises in suburban, high ave. household income locations. Somewhere that the maid can drop off “little Timmy” for his sessions.

By the way, if I have to watch Sharon go thru the drills on his old video one more time I will puke.

Upon further review, the entire thing seems to be a waste of time. The HC is enamored of the idea because they’re offering a lot of free introductory stuff, but I get the feeling that this is geared toward…yes…“Little Timmy.”

Truth be told, I don’t have any “Little Timmys” on my football team, nor do I want any. I know what the hell I’m doing, and like any strength or football coach worth a s–t, I’m learning more every day. And experimenting on myself with it all. I know exactly what they’ll say: “I detect some flaws in your kids’ running mechanics. I think it’s because they need more work on their core.”


I think I’ll stick to what I know, and leave the outside training facilities to the children of SUV driving soccer Moms out in the monified suburbs. Thanks for all the input, folks.

Right on, Coach.

I mean you’ll just get into their way on their pursuit of your athletes parents pockets. At least let them do the work themselves…

how many coaches are actually worth a shit though? :wink: