Velocity sports performance questions

Has anyone ever worked at one of these places before as a sports performance coach?

How do they pay?

Is it shitty/good?

Any info would be greatly appreciated

28,800-35000, i hate it bc they dont allow for growth bc there training is pure cookie cutter.

Sure looked like it from what I’ve seen (cookie cutter). Too bad, they have (from the looks of it) a great facility to work with.

Exactly what tamfb said. I used to work there as well and made 30,000, I quit after 2 months and accepted the job as assistant strength coach and sprints coach at a university.
VSP…Sucks! You have to do their program. You cannot change anything. It is cookie cutter boring and repetitive. A bunch of pointless drills and exercises. Also it is a dead end job. Best case you become sports performance director but you’re still stuck at 60k probably.

is seagrave the owner vsp, if so he love his drills

He is like the cheif ““something or other””…
It is a francise though. So all different owners.

I did five months at one. Pay is generally poor(I saw starting pay that ranged from low to mid 20’s that I knew of)at least what I made and I what I heard of others making. Hours were inconsistent-no set schedule for long periods of time. You had to pay out a decent amount of money to get their benefits which I suppose is the trend with many businesses.

There are good aspects to the program but some bad ones as well. I really liked the youth program and each day they finished with a short game. What I did not like is the strength program and no real recovery/regneration days just speed days(max velocity sessions and acceleration sessions) alternated with multi directional/agility days. Too many drills and not nearly enough actual sprinting-this was a common complaint among other coaches I talked to. I like the use of contrast training for acceleration development but I thought they overdid it.

I agree with quik above-too much one size fits all mentality(to be fair you almost have to do that to some degree when working with larger groups) and little to no opportunity for advancement. Where I was there were some good coaches but there tends to be a lot of turnover in these facilities and the quality of coaching can fall off very quickly. The new coaches have to be coached as well so they can effectively teach tech. and execution of the program. This takes quite a while and before you know it, once a guy has kind of gotten up to speed(so to speak), he figures out the pay sucks(if did not already know it) and there is nowhere to go in the company, so he leaves.

The facility I was in has had a complete turnover within about 7-8 months after I left.

I actually did my best to slip in some of CF’s stuff where I could-lead hand flick in starts, etc.