"velocity" & "athletes performance" GYM of future?

Do you guys think gyms like “velocity” & “athletes performance” will be the new trend? I find the current status of commercial gyms so behind! I mean behind that they fill it with machines. Theres maybe about 4-6 useful machines out there. Why not build a gym for people that are at a higher level physicallly, a gym filled with functional equipment, gymnastics equip, pool, ropes, keiser, 60 meter track, shot ring-soft shot against wall, rock wall, etc whats your thoughts and if a gym like this opened up what would you want inside?

Fresno State Univ has a pretty decent gym with a track and all sorts of goodies. I haven’t been there since '97 though so I am not sure if it is still as it was back then.

I do think they’re the wave of the future, but ultimately if you build superior athletes, they will come. I guess it depends on if you’re looking to work out in a facility like this, or work in one. I personally like to avoid corporate BS!! I

Im in the brainstorming stage of building a gym like this. Any help, tips, ideas would be greatly appreciated.

If you are building a gym like this to make a business out of it, it will be a tough road. Most people want stair climbers with HUGE TVs in front and the latest issue of Woman’s World to read while they climb up 500 4 inch stairs and sip on a sports energy drink. They want machines so they don’t have to lift the free weights off and on the bars (too much like work), just a little metal pin that they can stick into wherever. I personally would prefer a gym that only had a giant hot tub/wave pool so I could say I work out 7 days a week. I am not a fan of working out in the gym. Even the stair climber annoys me cause there is a perfectly good set of stairs at the track with fresh air and sunshine (even in the winter it is more fun to do stairs outside than inside a stinky gym.) Besides, outside is more Rocky style. Even the olympic weights that I will be using shortly are under the stands at the track with a huge door open to the great outdoors.

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The Parisi facility sounds like what you want to do. You better have a boat load of cash and some good athletes that you can use as marketing tools. One dude even suggested PAYING a pro athlete so you can train him!

Good luck!

Fundamentally, you could get by on a very simple plan and expansion would then depend on growth. I believe if I was training in a basement right now I would still be pretty popular because ultimately if you build champions people hear about you. You may not receive international recognition, but building state champions, scholarship athletes, etc. has its place in this business.