Wanna lay some cash on athletics…

Usain Bolt wins men’s 100 meters or Field??

Usain Bolt wins men’s 200 meters or Field??

101 Jamaica wins men’s 4x100 meters relay or field??

Yohan Blake (Men 100M) -105 vs Trayvon Bromell (Men 100M) wow

What are the bet makers saying?
I bet Bolt is the overwhelming favorite right?

Top 5
Bolt easy gold
gatlin silver
blake broze

I’m riding bolt and blake bigg… Late money coming in on Blake…

Bolt easy money… wow… Hes’s a dog!!!

Yohan Blake wins a medal (100m Men) +150 Risk $2500

Parlay Action: Usain Bolt wins men’s 100 meters -250

Jimmy V looks good. He was warming up in previous round but sure was ready in this round.
DeGrasse looks amazing. I agree that he is going to break the Canadian Record for sure.
Gatlin looks very solid and is ready for business.
I would not discount Blake. He hardly looks like he should be discounted from the medal count.
OH my gosh it’s going to be so good.
I can’t see any one beating Bolt but you never know. That’s what makes the Olympics exciting.

Oh boy…

Bolt gold
Gatlin silver
Blake or Grasse for bronze (blake better watch out - vegas love grasse)

I think we just might be looking at a new WR and certainly a new Canadian men’s 100m record.

I think grasse blew his load…

This will definitely be an interesting race for third!

1 Bolt
2 Gatlin
3 ???

DeGrasse looked awesome in the latter half of his semi, but his start was really poor. IMO he will be between 9.87-9.92.
Blake is hard to count out but is just not quite in top form. Jimmy V can pull a strong performance and I think take Bronze.

Missed all those fireworks but at least my account is good now and I can watch it live now. I will have to watch the semi’s later on TV.
doing it ass backwards this time around lol

We are going to see a New Olympic record I think and also the Canadian record is done too. Each of these guys look incredible. Is it me or had there been another moment where the final is jam packed with so much readiness?
They all know how to plan, each is composed and relaxed and the missing link right now is how it all plays out once the gun goes off for the final.
It would be a mistake to discount anyone.
I don’t think Bolt can be beat right now unless his leg fails which is not impossible but you can’t discount his speed reserve is so far superior to anyone else’s at least at this moment based on other competitions.

Damn, my bet is in serious trouble… Andre is now favorite for 3rd…

Bolt will run under 9.6’s or better tonight.

I think the WR is going down and I also think the Canadian record is too.

The odds went from +4000 to +385 on WR…

Great job from DeGrasse.

Gatlin got out didnt he? Then what happened?

100M Men

I lost by a tick…